Season 2018 - Greater Western Sydney


Reports that Patton has done his ACL again.

Shocking luck if true


3rd one in 5 years


Poor fella.

Thankfully our attempts to get him didn’t work out though.


Man that sucks for the big guy.


Put a fork in him.


When was this? At training today? He looked like he hurt his knee on Saturday night but kept playing


“GWS believe Jon Patton has done his ACL for a third time.
Patton went down at training on Thursday with a knee injury, with the club waiting on scans.
“The initial diagnosis for Jon doesn’t look positive however we’ll await the results of scans on Friday,” GWS general manager of football Wayne Campbell said."


That sucks.


GWS have had a lot of concessions, but clearly the injury gods hate them


That’s what happens to teams who sack Sheedy.


Hope he is able to come back from this latest injury.


If the game was played without goals at each end this mob would be unbeatable. 20 mids 1 defender and 1 forward


gws are cooked. too many interrupted seasons to too many key players. Another club limping into finals that we’d probably beat in september.


Just about done


Yep, not sure they’ll get past Sydney.
Even if they get a couple back out of Williams/Greene/Deledio/Griffen, I doubt they have enough continuity in their football to make a large enough difference.

There are too many weak players in this team today.
They are being exposed, and some of their elite players aren’t in great form either (Kelly, Shiel, Cameron).


Dawson Simpson has been huge loss for them also


You don’t see that sentence often.

Agree with you btw. But who would have thought.


Was playing well, and Lobb is a defensive match up nobody wants deep forward.


Seems they have serious salary cap issues despite not winning a flag, That many top draft picks was always going to cause a massive salary cap problem. If they don’t land a flag soon it’ll be a a stuff up all round - and it’s the other clubs trading them in who are benefiting.


Seems more like $2mil + they need to clear