Season 2018 - Port Adelaide


So port are playing in China again…makes sense, their tarps are probably manufactured over there.Could help cut down on the shipping costs by going straight to the source




So do you know him or not !

I have seen Footballers do some pretty average crap over the years, but so have I and I ddin’t know them personally so why care.




Something about wolf of Wall street’s opening scene


Na I don’t know the bloke. My cousin works or used to work with his ex

Mate im glad most of the stuff I did through my 20’s didn’t see the light of day…glad cameras on phones are only a newish thing!


I reckon Port have suddenly realised he’s crap and are looking for A way out of the contract


Wouldnt say hes crap, hes a serviceable player, and at this point is in their best 22. its just that he was a no.1 pick and clearly never lived up to that


That would be a theory, … if he hadn’t played his best footy for them.


Are we still talking about Watts?
There’s no way he played his best footy this year. He was way better in 2016.
He was dropped at one point this season


He’s crap mate


but youre wrong all of the time…