Season 2018 - Port Adelaide


im guessing they ran this one by the legal team 10 times before publishing


If your stupid enough to play up like a second hand lawnmower and leave the evidence where your girlfriend can allegedly find it…

Its not right to publish or even release it, but hell hath no fury and karma is a ■■■■■.


Jack is right up there as being my least favourite AFL player.

But it’s a bit sh*t for his personal life to be splashed all over the papers.

Who cares what he gets up to?


We should look in to Will Snelling. Was a very promising player at a tender age in the SANFL.


Can confirm 100% that Watts is a douche bag and this is true


‘scandal’, as a caused up 20 year old does what au cashed up 20 year old would do


So you personally and intimately know Jack ?


I don’t! But he seemed like a pretty good sport during the old Essendon vs Melbourne games at Etihad. Would always reply to banter from the Essendon supporters in a good way.

If anything, highlights how wide spread the illicit drug use is. You’d want to hope none of that stays in your system on game day that’s for sure.


Do people really care about this?

It’s a bit cringey, but there’s probably nothing that’s going to happen to him more than a slap on the wrist.


There was one night where we ordered this girl in with a big…oh wait I’ve said to much


Jack loves swimming and loves ■■■■

What man doesn’t?




Watts is from the Hurley draft, so he’d be around 28 now.


I don’t like swimming


Bloke likes cans and a swim?

This is a scandal?


Snorting lines off cans is a bit more of a scandal… but not really.


If you’ve got a better idea on where to snort them from I’m all ears, Poindexter…


Lol. I don’t. It’s one of life’s genuine pleasures…


Damn straight it is


Appropriate username is appropriate.