Season 2018 - Port Adelaide


Saw that… How heartbreaking that is…


I’m so cynical after the saga etc that even though he was one of my fav players then, now; pfft whatever Paddy!!


Ryder won’t be available when we play them. We’ll be missing a few so need these things to even up.


or something??? WTF!!! It’s either a foot or it’s not. Trust me you’d know.


If you had any balls Heather you’d give him your good one. It’s not like you do anything useful with it anyway.


You haven’t thought this through have you? How’s it going to help having him running around in circles?


Word is that some Port officials are pretty concerned about Fark Ryder and the prognosis looks likely to be 4-6 weeks with one of the officials even suggesting it could be 12 weeks


I generally don’t wish injury on any opposition player.


Thanks for the info.

Geez, Lobbe would have been handy as ruck depth.
Pity they traded him for Pick 95 !


At least he is close to family in Adelaide.


It’s got me thinking as to if he sustained a slight injury from his incident during the week. His house was being burgled in the early hours and he chased the culprits with his car and then on foot where he apprehended one of the youths. Funnily enough the youth was a Wanganeen lol


Oh, that’s terrible news


Suck it Ryder, that’s what happens when you do an extra training session running after thugs.




where they Essendon supporters?


Even if they weren’t, it was clearly the doing of Hird.


Im more thinking about young Tex choosing the bombers father son.




thanks port for taking over the biting scandal


I reckon he’ll cop less punishment than McKenna. While the AFL condemns such behaviour, it is the responsibility of clubs, etc, etc.