Season 2018 - Port Adelaide


How do you put a hand down a skirt… dont hands go up skirts?


Got a weird head


seems like a bit of a storm in a teacup.

womans reaction is reasonable in the situation, reported some guy being a ■■■■■■■■ in a nightclub who then raised it with port, who contacted the girl again and apparantely told the AFL not to further punish Pepper but to tell him to pull his head in.

case closed.


Assault and Pepper


The girl has been interviewed on radio and has described the whole thing. Apparently the immortal words " do you know who we are " were uttered by one of his mates.

Hubris probably needs to be confined to the footy field.


100% cringe


powell-pepper suspended for one more week


But is allowed to play SANFL today in the marquee ANZAC Day game


See Kochie, it’s all good and well to get on your high horse when it’s another club under the blowtorch like we were a few years ago, but when it turns to you, it’s no laughing matter.

Can’t help but see the analogies here:

In a statement provided to Triple M, Koch accused the league of “railroading” the second-year player in an attempt to rebuild its reputation in the wake of its own scandals.

In the statement, Koch expressed his frustration at being kept “in the dark” during the Powell-Pepper investigation.

The whole respect and responsibility policy leaves the clubs in the dark. They (the AFL) take complete control. I issued them with a grievance notice before they would start talking sense,” the statement read.

We have vision of the entire night and the head of the integrity unit refused to see it.


Im not a fan of Koch but he fights for his club…I couldnt see our President firing up like this…because we are too conservative…makes me ill


Port Adelaide whinging about procedural fairness and the media running a sensationalist agenda…didnt bother you during the saga did it?


And to cap off their day, Hartlett did an ACL at training today. The chickens are coming home to roost Kochie you carnt


I noticed SWSNBN doing a little PR for the AFL on this subject a couple of days ago.
Didn’t read it, of course, why would you?

But it’s good to see she’s still owned.


I missed this, but that is very sad news for the young man. Losing his mother and father within 6 months. Truly devastating.


Reckon that Port will look back on 2018 season and curse their loss against Essendon. Just like us losing to Brisbane or Carlton last year.


Port Adelaide chief executive Keith Thomas has launched a scathing attack on Channel Seven for its coverage of an off-field incident involving midfielder Sam Powell-Pepper.
Thomas said the allegations made by Channel Seven that Powell-Pepper was being investigated for sexual assault unfairly damaged his reputation.

“We believe that set the tone for the entire investigation,” Thomas said.

"The investigation was immediately on the back foot, it was dealing with a public perception that was being created and not controlled.

“A charge like that can leave a stain on someone’s reputation and life forever.”

A final statement from the AFL, approved by Port Adelaide, labelled Powel-Pepper’s actions as “inappropriate contact”, which Thomas would not elaborate on.

“What we were keen on, was ensuring that people understood the difference between what happened and sexual assault was vast, and that’s an important distinction,” Thomas said.


Hmmm. Where have we seen that before!


Someone needs to tell him to get in line, otherwise the AFL will make him pay for their own tarps.




That’s horrible news for the young guy.

I thought he showed quite a bit against us for somebody so young.