Season 2018 - Sydney - Diggers.. come at him


With respect. Carey + Lockett would be useful inclusions if this hypothetical game was played hypothetically in the previous century. Played hypothetically today and Carey, Lockett and all others would be so gassed by 1/4 time as to become defensive liabilities requiring removal from the field. FRANKLIN! Is a gun in all eras.


Um, Pagan’s Paddock is made for modern footy but carry on.


There wouldnt be many backmen standing in the hole in front of plugger.


Really? Don’t see much leading out from the square going on. Haven’t for more that 10 years. Tell me more about this ‘paddock’ concept?


God I hope not

Wingard, Shiel, Gaff, Setterfield, available and we end up with Rohan that would be a disaster…

A club after some pace might go after Rohan like the cats, we got plenty of Pace, would prefer to pickup hind in the draft over Roahan to be honest.


Was only joking but I have have no insight into Essendon’s recruitment planning. Point being is that Rohan is a decent player who will have several Victorian sides interested in his services.


no he’s not.


I agree he should find a club to play for, but he isn’t worth much.


Space. the Paddock was simply about space. You give any forward space to work in in the current game and they will take monumental amounts of ■■■■.



Seriously, he’s doing well just to get another contract.


Clubs like Blues, Cats Saints might be interested.
He is probably about as good as Hartung was last year.
Might get a season somewhere then probably delisted.


The space is behind them. They press up to apply defensive pressure? Have you not been watching? If a player like Carey or Lockett stayed back it would leave his team out numbered upfield.

Their defensive opponents would be rebounding like crazy from half back whilst Carey and Lockett would be seizing up from inactivity.


Rohan will get a new home. Not sure Sydney will get a decent deal though.


I’ve been watching closer than Horse, that’s for ■■■■■■■ sure.

Would he play out of the square, no. But the same premise of being afforded space applies.

For what it’s worth I think with some prospective rule changes coming next year having a forward remain close to goals is going to be a thing.


Maybe. I think that’s the object of the AFL but they’re doing it because forwards don’t play like they used to. And the shame of it is is that the voices of nostalgia are the ones that have prompted this change. Just as the game moved away from the stay at home full forward battling one on one with the full back, it will continue to evolve. Let the coaches come up with new tactics and let the players execute.


But one thing that hasn’t changed is that L FRANKLIN! is suited to all styles in any era.


New tactics like Horse? lelelelelel

I’d just slash interchange personally, rather than any other drastic changes. 20 per game plus qtr breaks, It’ll either result in bulk flooding or blokes staying at home/closer to goal more.


Not sure why all the shade on the horse. Finals 8 out of 9 seasons in charge. 3x GF’s with 1x flag. If you contrast that against some other clubs, it paints a telling picture.


Answer me this. Do you think the Swans are

A) in a premiership window?
B) building towards their next flag tilt?
C) sliding away from a flag tilt?


Almost all styles. Not sure he is suited to finals football.