Season 2018 - Sydney - Diggers.. come at him


Nobody wants to play with Franklin anymore


Combination of lack of COLA and Franklin escalator contract (keeps rising through 2021) is slowly squeezing them like a boa constrictor. It’s fantastic.


Hannerbury for Acres and a pick swap what’s going around.


The issue isn’t Franklin. It’s the coach, his pig headed “my way or the highway” mentality, his gameplan that the game broadly has left behind in the dust, and his complete lack of any semblance of a plan B to counter the direction the game is going.

They can shuffle as many deck chairs as they want but it’s not game a pinch of difference if they don’t chance the way they play.


Any club paying a second rounder for Rohan should sack their whole list management team


Buddy is great. But in terms of forwards, Carey is the best in the past 30 odd years.

Carey was just a little more consistent than Ablett, Franklin, Plugger, Dunstall, Modra etc etc. In my opinion.


Not sure anyone would argue with that. Carey might be the best footballer to play the game. Ever.
Franklin is doubtlessly the best since Carey, which is pretty incredible given he’s got hands like fry pans and couldn’t take a contested mark on a dwarf.


2x Carey’s = 1x FRANKLIN!




Rohan is an interesting player. Can look really involved only to have touched it 8x times or less. Can score. Excellent speed. Willing. He’ll be tussling with B Ronke and T Papley for a spot, Rose as well so not surprised he’s seeking a trade. 2nd rounder is a fair deal. This season has been stymied by injuries and personal tragedy.


3x Carey’s = 1x FRANKLIN!


what about every other season? he’s a jobber. nothing more.


Sydney rightly shut it down

Hannebury being traded, Kennedy & Jack in their final years. No chance he was going anywhere. Parker will become captain and lead the next gen along.


No idea how Rohan is being spoken so highly of. He is legit a total spud. Does nothing for 3/4 of the game then might kick a goal or do something spectacular and then that’s all for him.


2nd rounder is not a fair deal. He barely touches the ball. That’s been consistent his whole career. His tackle numbers are low and he doesn’t score enough for a guy who plays exclusively forward.
He’s got pace… that is all.

Oh… and he’s injury prone


I would take Carey at his Prime I think…But also Plugger was very scary, just ask Peter Caven.
It would be interesting to see how Carey goes against modern day defenders.
Think I would be scared of a Hurley Carey matchup.
Hooker could take Horse pretty easy.

I often wonder how good bartlett was and other players in past era’s Reynolds, Hutchison and Coleman etc.

Best of Best forwardline
HF: Hird Carey G Ablett
F: Daicos Plugger Dunstall

Maybe Buddy gets a spot on the bench @Diggers


Carey would’ve won Sydney a flag. Buddy has not. And without him Hawthorn went on to win 2 more.



Agree Rohan has 0 trade value
Pick 80 Maybe, will be a 4th round pick to help him to get to another club and get salary off swans books.


4x Carey’s = 1/2 a FRANKLIN!


Careful. Could end up at Essendon for 1x 2nd rounder + a future 2nd rounder.