Season 2018 - Sydney - Diggers.. come at him


I can name 10x other sides who didn’t make the finals. I can name one side hasn’t won a final in nearly a decade and a half let alone been in 5x GF’s in that time.

I’m starting to think your dislike of J Longmire may be due to him have shagged someone close to you because his record on field is pretty good.


I Know a swans fan who is sick of Longmire and thinks he is holding the side back.
Has similar thoughts to chopsuey.


Mitchell is a good player. Could even be Brownlow good but his inclusion would not have got them over the line against GWS. Ever wonder why it took him so long to gain a regular spot in Sydney’s senior side? Carlton thought they could pry him loose because he wasn’t getting a regular game at the time but he signed again for 2x years. He wasn’t getting games because he had deficiencies that required correcting. Particularly defensive deficiencies. His possession gathering ability has never been in doubt but the number of possessions didn’t outweigh the negatives in other areas. The possessions he gets are seldom damaging but he costs the other way.

I’m not arguing he’ll never be any good. To the contrary. His qualities weren’t suited to what Sydney are trying to achieve so they parted ways. Hawthorn liked what he brings and so far it seems to be a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Sydney got the Florent pick in exchange I believe.

Win-Win-Win all round.


I know several.


Cool story. Doesn’t mean your side is going anywhere with their current style of football and playing list.
You can console yourself with finals appearances and no ultimate reward for the next 72 years if you want. Or maybe your coach will realize it’s time to change.


I reckon if you look hard enough you will find Richmond supporters who are sh*tty with D Hardwick.

I can find you thousands of Essendon supporters who are sh*tty with J Worslfold despite Essendon being in the best position it has been in since the turn of the century.

The one thing the AFL will never run short on is sh*tty supporters.


Sydney know what they’re doing. So do Essendon by the way.



Sydney are a wonderful footy club. But to suggest Carey would be ‘gassed’ by modern footy is a bit ridiculous. Carey has more runs on the board than Bud, however bud has what 4 years left on contract? And has plenty left to give.

I don’t think anyone seriously is having a big crack at Longmire. But at one point his time will pass. Much like Sheeds at Bomberland.

I’d like for COLA to be 100% flicked. I don’t buy into the extra cap for retention in Eastern Sydney. As you said, Sydney don’t lose guys they want to keep.

Sydney will have extra credibility if they do. And no doubt will still be a success. The attitude of ‘can’t afford to fail’ is weak. Personally I think Sydney now have a great band of committed fans. They shouldn’t be propped up by the AFL.

They(swans core fan base) are now far from fairweather which was once I think a valid criticism.

I think the suns and GWS probably do need some mechanism to assist in player retention. It’s ridiculous how their players are regarded as easy picking. (doesn’t stop me wanting us to land Shiel or Kelly though)


I’m certain W Carey would be a terrific player in this or any other era but if I could only pick one of them, it would be L Franklin, every time.


He didnt get games as the coach didn’t like him I believe.


Well, exactly.

Don’t do what the coach wants etc etc…


Nic Newman looking to leave pretty poor by Sydney I think. He takes game on and has raking left foot. For a side that struggles with ball movement would think he’d be played but hasn’t been in side IIRC.

They’ve chosen to hang onto McVeigh one more year seemingly at the expense of a longer term younger player.

In the similar situation we’ve cut Goddard


Except that what the coach wants isn’t gonna win a flag.


Just Like Frank Walker, 2012 says…


Poor by Sydney? They gave him a chance via the rookie draft and he has turned into a fair player under their tutelage.

Now Newman has been offered more by GC (who will do anything at the moment to secure a half decent established player) and he’s considering it.

Player should look after his interests and so should the club. If both intertwine than all good but if not, move on and all the best for the future.


I think that Sydney have under-performed in that time too. That side should have won more GF’s.


Hurley would not be a match for Carey in my book but we will never know and can only imagine.


Carey is 192 cm, that’s 3rd tall/utility height these days.


Height and size are only a small part of the equation (no pun), his ability and skill as a player was huge.