Season 2018 - Sydney - Diggers.. come at him


Yeah I know.

Just that he was a very strong CHF back in the day and only really Jackovich who was himself a beast was able to contain him.

Carey is just shorter than Stringer and Goddard. These types of players are now going undrafted as it’s hard to find a position for them.

I’m sure Carey would make it today but he would likely be playing a different role. Or would be in the Stringer/curnow/darling category of undersize KPF.


Stop hmmmmmmmmmming in a high pitched voice.


They were very disappointing in 14. That game was over after 10 minutes. They were the favourite in 16 but it wasn’t to be. The Bulldogs played well and the maggotry were on their side as well.

GF’s are hard to win.




Hannebury and Rohan looking to be traded to Vic clubs.


What, are you in a time-warp?


GC would be mad to give up a first for Lloyd IMO.l


I just think of it as a percentile thing

Average height of the population seems to be increasing about 1 cm per decade.
So what was 192cm when Carey started in 1990 or thereabouts, is about 194-195 now.
Ie Taylor Walker or Jack Reiwoldt height.


Lloyd made the AA squad this year and has been very consistent since coming off the rookie list in 2014. A first round pick is a lot to give up but these are desperate times for the GC and Lloyd is in their target demographic.


You’d have to admit he lacks a really authoritative GF performance to his name to really erase that criticism. Or even a good one.

He was a decoy on Scarlett in the Hawks-Cats game, well held in a tight game in the Hawks-Freo win, reasonably good when it absolutely didn’t matter in the Hawks landslide over Swnas, and ineffectual (probably through injury) in the Swans-Dogs one.

Every has a dog here and there, he’s had 3.

And I think swans/longmire are killing him too. Too easy to stop a one prong forward line.


Oh, he can play.
I just question GC going after him. He’s more icing than cake. And their cake is stuffed.


I reckon if Horse had his desired line up available it wouldn’t be a one-pronged forward line. Losing K Tippett and S Reid for the season didn’t help and FRANKLIN! still nearly won the Coleman.


Their 2018 All Australian captain, who averaged more goals per game than the top 15 in the Coleman, is in decline.


I’m sure he’d love to have Tony Lockett too, but he’s gawn. And so is Tippett.


Yep. He beat up on a few weeklings this year and had one standout performance in Round 1 against genuine opposition. Probably shouldn’t have even been All australian let alone captain. He’s on the downward trend, which is fair enough for his age and the load he’s had to carry.


Whilst he isn’t at his peak. No player should have to carry the fwd line entirely.


Finished off the season in the bests v Collingwood, Melbourne and GWS. Kicked 4 v Richmond too.


Beat a 1st gamer against Collingwood. Didn’t get a touch against the Giants until he knocked Davis. Kicked 4 against the Tigers and they weren’t close.


But Tippett retired before the start of the season and would have figured prominently in Sydney’s planning. Unlike A Lockett who retired 20 odd years ago. It left them short of a ruck/forward, compounded by the losses of Naismith and Reid also. They were down 3x options before the season even started. Beat Hawthorn and they would have finished top 4. Not too bad really.


But they didn’t beat Hawthorn. They finished 7th