Season 2018 - Sydney - Diggers.. come at him




4-6th… Pfffft.


Isnt there a salary cap exemption if the player retires due to injury?


For Sydney anything goes


From Big Footy

Difference between his remaining contract and his injury settlement with the AFL/Club is what gets included in the Cap this year (not a huge difference as it was an injury picked up while playing). As he limped though the NEAFL Grand Final he gets 100% of Senior Match payments for all Matches missed up to a maximum of 30 Matches as well.

And my swans mate said
He triggered an extension for 2018-2020 with his work in 2016

Then was useless in 2017

And Sydney told him to retire and paid him a reduced one off payout now that only counts in the cap for this year

He wanted to keep going


I don’t know this obviously but I sense Sydney tried to offload him during the recent trade period but didn’t receive any interest. Not even a request for a medical. Shame really because he had all the assets required to be a star but never reached those heights bar for a handful of moments. He was in AA form at the start of 2016 but hasn’t been the same since injuring himself at around the half way mark. It seemed that every time Tippett was putting a string of performances together, he would either get knocked out or strain something. Even at Adelaide there was discussion about how many ko’s he could sustain before it becomes serious. Not sure if we will ever get past this but players on big contracts get judged more sternly than those on lesser deals but all players can get injured. And if you can’t train properly due to injury, you just won’t be able to do what you know you can do. People will mock Tippett now but remember the stink his going to Sydney caused? Partly due to the circumstances but mainly because we all thought he was going to be awesome. He certainly had something.


Sam Reid now most likely to go mainly forward with Alir to come in in defence.


They were preferring the Naismith ruck, Sinclair fwd/ruck combo anyway and had a few young up and comers right in mix.


Nice to see him retire from the NEAFL…


hope they finish bottom 4, probably end up around 5th


One of the last 110kg dinosaurs to leave planet AFL


This got me interested…

According to footywire Tippett is 105kg.

There are 24 other players across the competition who are 105kg or more. 6 of them are 110 or more.
Sandilands is the heaviest at 118kg.

Out of ruckmen, I reckon Ryder is a bit of an outlier at 92kg.


I think they have picked up some good young players over the past 3 seasons and have regenerated their list.
I think they are top 6 with a shot at the flag.


Top 6 is very possible this season, as they won’t have the same horror start, and they have a huge home ground advantage.


A Johnson has injured his groinage which required surgery. Estimated to miss 4x weeks.


Groinage you say?


That is a man who just needs to pull up stumps


No. Must keep persisting.


Yes. That area just down there.


My brainage has a hard job keeping up with all these new words.