Season 2018 - Sydney - Diggers.. come at him


Aliir Aliir hurt his ankle ankle.


Diggers is stuuuuupid, stuuuuuuuuuuuupid !!!


Which Johnson?


He injured his johnson.


Swans main ruck Naismith done an ACL today

With Tippett retiring and Sinclair (who they use as fwd/ruck preferably) doing an ankle recently IIRC leaves them just with yet to debut but mature age Darcy Cameron

Naismith been really good for them so that’ll be a massive loss & dent to flag aspirations.

Uproar over not being able to replace Tippett on the list to come, even though IMO they likely pushed him into retiring.


That’s awful. They spend all summer training, then they get hurt and don’t play a game. Sport can be very very cruel


I don’t know where you’d get confirmation, but it seems like a large percentage of ACLs happen late in pre-season or early in the regular season. A lot less in the latter part of the year.


I read somewhere years ago that they seem to happen earlier in the season as the players bodies are used to the quick changes of direction, body moving in all sorts of ways.


Tippett might have been handy now as insurance.


That’s no good.


Aliir Aliir into the ruck ruck.




Simple strategy to overcome the loss of their ruckman. Mids concentrate on “sharking” , select a ruckman with ground ball and high marking skills but just compete physically with the opposing ruckman. Plenty of sides still win in spite of negative hitout differential .


For Diggers.


Thanks for that. I agree. He’s unbelievable. A bloke that size shouldn’t be anywhere near that athletic. FRANKLIN!, Joe Daniher, big blokes taking big marks and kicking big goals are why I watch football. They are the centre of attention and I don’t care if anyone thinks otherwise. Hope he gets an extension after this contract. When I first saw him play live in 2008, I called my fark Hawthorn loving mate from the game and said he should get tickets to the GF because this L Franklin guy is outrageous. He’s got better every year since. Hardly misses a game. I was gutted when he injured himself in the first 5 minutes of the 2016 GF but he played the game out but he still required the full attention of the entire Bulldogs backline and looked dangerous every time he went near it. He’s the best player I’ve seen.


West coast beat sydney 66 to 70 hitouts but still lost clearances 38 to 47. Ruckman is only needed to prevent opponent from clearing the ball himself. Sinclair almost made up the clearance difference with 7


he’s on par with Carey I reckon now.

and I loved watching the duck in full flight.


He was unreal last night. Was even taking contested pack marks. He’s a legit chance anywhere up to 70m out. There’s no one better when in full flight.


Sydney looked very one dimensional, if Franklin has to carry them every week I can see him getting injured.


Sydney kept going to Franklin because he was on fire. They had West Coast’s measure all over the ground (except in tap outs). They would have won even with him.