Season 2018 - Sydney - Diggers.. come at him


Was D Bailey?


Why on earth are you on this site if all you want to do is fap about Sydney?


The AFL win again.


Diggers, you’ve lost your way since Sydney seem to be losing theirs.




Because you’d be lost without me.


The least you can do is visit your own DJ Thread…


You need to play some decent music…


And here I was, about to have your back on a field full of opponents…


That’s very kind of you but I have these dorks covered.


Hope you crash and burn and Lenny K ■■■■■ in your soup.


That’s not very nice.


I don’t think you do. Not on the latest topic. You’re just sticking to your biased view


And you’re sticking to your ignorant view, compounded by a generous smothering of parochialism.

It’s not easy for your kind. You’re coming from a fair way back.


Explain how I’ve got any parochialism in this case.
We’re talking about Sydney and Melbourne. None of it has anything to do with Essendon.

It’s pretty simple really. We’re talking abut 2 scenarios where clubs got punished by the AFL despite doing nothing wrong because the AFL didn’t think either scenario was a good look.

You’re yet to explain what Melbourne did that was against the rules.


thread title change. Diggers vs the world.


diggers v morons.

That’s better.


It was clearly explained earlier.

Your impression of a brick wall is quite impressive.


I think you may be looking in a mirror.


Moron Vs Everyone else is even betterer.