Season 2018 - Sydney - Diggers.. come at him


I disagree with this which is consistent with most things you say.


D Menzel signed as a delisted free agent. If he can produce a similar scoring output from the last couple of seasons into next year, he will be a very handy pick-up.


Funny how you start going into personal attacks, but when it comes back to you, you just get defensive.


Menzel’s often mentioned shortcoming might be less of an issue at the SCG.

[waits for DJR to tell me the grounds are all the same size now]


Oh yes, … don’t think your terrible judgement, extremely wrong opinions and blind biased idiocy when it comes to all things Sydee has gone unnoticed. :smirk:


Funny how every time I read one of your contributions, my head hurts.


40 odd goals a season should have seen him still at Geelong. Something strange has gone on there.


To me it’s just an extreme example of the Green, Hartung thing.
Being able to footy matters less than doing the game plan.


Wow, brilliant comeback, did you think of that yourself?


You’re welcome.


Don’t U mean “Thankyou?” :smirk:


Let him have this. His mate will end up in a gutter somewhere before his contract his up, he needs this more than we do.


Seems that way. He must have consistently shat off his coaches because you’d think goals would excuse a lack of defensive aptitude. Will be interesting to see if he will be a first choice player at Sydney if all their forwards are available. If he is the play the ‘thitd’ Tall role along FRANKLIN and Reid, he’d want to make the most of his opportunities because if he spectated when he should be pressuring, I can see J Longmire going apeshit with his hand over his mouth more often than not.


Reid back?


I’d think Mellican and Aliir would be the key talls down back.


Really thought Moore was going.
I don’t know much about Mellican.
I’m not as bullish about Aliir as some. Can play, but will he be the sort of dependable defensive lock that’s needed?

In any case, Menzel should be a worry for pretty much any team in that forward-line.

And regardless of his actual height, he’s always played small for mine.


Not sure why they wanted Moore.

Mellican came into the side at Aliir’s expense at the start of ‘17 and remained there until he got injured mid way through 18. Surprised with his marking ability and showed great composure for a young player. Aliir has only played 28 senior games and has shown enough to suggest he will be a decent player with more experience. He’ll be pretty accomplished with another couple of pre-seasons under his belt.
Neither are ‘key’ defensive types like Grundy, more intercept/mobile style so how they’ll go under the starting 6 format will be interesting to see. If guarding space continues to be a thing, they should form a decent partnership.


They’ve played him small despite the fact he isn’t, kind of the reverse we did with Davey.


Menzel will be a massive flop and his body will let him down so much so that I doubt they will get 1/2 a season from him


You’re a massive flop.