Season 2018 - Sydney - Diggers.. come at him


That’s what she said, …


I wish that’s what she said…


Kardinia Park is now the classic $100,000,000 oddity, in the absence of Subiaco.


Aliir is a good player but he is not a key backman who locks down a player. He reads the play very well and can chop across to cut the ball off, but put him one on one and he goes missing. He’s an intercept backman and if they rely on him as a lockdown they are going to have some issues.

Menzel will be an okay pickup but not much more than that. I honestly do not know why they bothered to get him unless it is one year stop gap for something else.


I’m confused, who does Diggers support? Genuine question


I would have thought Sydney will back themselves to get him to follow team rules, plus they’re desperate for a forward target other than Buddy. No doubt he’ll be a stop gap for the next year or two until they realise that going all in on Buddy has run out of steam and they need to rebuild



When the ball isn’t being kicked to Bud 80% of the time.


Swans don’t rebuild. they just drift into mediocrity.




I support lots of things. Sydney, Essendon, a Two-State solution, pineapple on pizza are a few examples.


Pineapple in pizza. Even worse than I though.


I support John Worsfold.


I don’t think anyone supports pineapple in pizza, do they?


I’m against people who are against pineapple on pizza.
Friggin’ fish is a standard topping on pizza.
Tandoori chicken is fine, potato and squash is fine.
Even Nutella is a pizza topping.

But you want to go to war on pineapple?


By mediocrity do you you mean not winning a final for 14x years?


Remember storm and Sav Rocca and Disinterested Hand job?

Think Diggers needs to go the same way


What happened to ‘handjob?


testing 1…2… is this thing on?


will be at least 14 years before they win another flag the way they’re going. And if your think just existing from 10-16th on the ladder is success then you’ve already lost.


Kind of like what Essendon have been doing for the best part of this century?