Season 2018 - Sydney - Diggers.. come at him


See,… I knew something about you just wasn’t right. :smirk:


You know Digs if you just accept the Swans are gonna suck next year already we can all get out of here


I can’t accept that.


So it’s ok to selectively believe the AFLs integrity unit?


They found that Sydney had acted properly and had no case to answer. No case. None at all. Melbourne on the other hand were found to ‘not’ have tanked but were found to have brought the game into disrepute,

No case to answer v brought the game into disrepute.

The difference is deceptively obvious.


How come Sydney still got punished then?
Just because Fitzpatrick is a count with a silent o?


Now you’re getting it.


Pretty sure Melbourne supporters would just argue the same thing. But I guess that’s different.


In this hand we have “no case to answer” and on the other we have "brought the game into disrepute’.

Yeah, these examples are exactly the same. You know how apples and oranges are the same? Just like that…


are you pelicans still going?

take it outside, you’re stinkin the joint up.


I think what you’re smelling is the mountains of fresh Swan Shitt. … :smirk:




I’m not asking you to like Sydney, couldn’t give a sh*t really but I’m asking that you recognise when an injustice has been committed because, you know, what if it’s Essendon next year? Say they get T Greene but the AFL really wants him to stay at GWS. Really wants him to stay. Essendon recruit him anyway and they impose trading restrictions on Essendon just because? Because that’s what happened to Sydney. Penalising a club or individuals ‘just because’ isn’t on and supporters of football should let them know about it so it doesn’t happen to your preferred side next time.


Yeah… Not sure the dust has settled on his wanking off without authorisation scandal from earlier in the year. Reckon you’ve made a blue there, Bomb.


What if I put glasses and a fake nose on him?


Out of respect for the victims of his unauthorised wanking off, you should probably just let it go.


So should have he.


boom boom!


Hang on… you’re asking Essendon supporters to recognise when an injustice has been committed?

No seriously… really???

FFS Diggers, you are so ■■■■■■■ blind on this when comparing the Sydney and Melbourne scenarios. Saying Melbourne “brought the game into disrepute” is exactly the same as saying we’ve got ■■■■■■■ nothing we can charge you for but we’re going to penalise you anyway because we don’t like the look of what you did.

In the Sydney case the only difference is that they realised it was pointless even pretending that they don’t make ■■■■ up on the run, so they just penalised you because they didn’t like the look of what you did.

■■■■■■ if I know why you can’t see the similarities between the Sydney and Melbourne cases.
You must have gone into the Saga thread and stolen all of our tin foil and painted it red and white


They only did after the media hounded them to do it, before that they didn’t care and openly allowed it. That’s what peeved the Dees off no end.