Season 2018 - Sydney - Diggers.. come at him


Can’t remember any injustices happening to essendon. None whatsoever. No sirree.


Female comedians from the USA are well known for reading Blitz


You’re right. It’s not offensive if no one sees it.




If anyone wants to know what bigfooty is like without having to go to bigfooty… ^^^ it’s that in every thread


If only the same could be said for YOUR FACE



I’m still confused by this. What happened?


It’s CK Louise, a comedian who back in the late 1990s, asked women if he could mastur_bate while they were in the room, or masturbated in front of them or during phone calls.


It was just suggested on the wireless over here that L FRANKLIN contacted C Rioli directly on behalf of Sydney in an attempt to convince him to resume his career with the the Swans. After he declined, they focused on J Townsend and D Menzel, ultimately going with Menzel.


L FRANKLIN had his groinage operated on today.



Any truth in the rumour they have removed a portion to patch up Sam Reids knees?


Certainly wouldn’t hurt.


I think it would hurt ,either the donor or the DOH knee.


The thing about those toppings though, is that they tend to go on very specific pizzas, whereas pineapple has been guilty time and time again of ruining an otherwise perfect pizza


It shouldn’t go on anything other than Hawaiian or Supreme, I agree.

Oh, and a sweet and spicy.


What’s on a sweet and spicy?


Basically salami, jalapeño, pineapple.


I’ve had them with prawns (shrimps), capsicum, pineapple…and hot salami, onions and mucho chili. Both went very well.


they had to surgically remove you from the area?


He likes me here.