Season 2018 - Sydney - Diggers.. come at him


I’m not the one ascribing every single development in history to the west Ouyen reserves league.


You should pay better attention then.


WA did anticipate International Rules with their round footies.


You leave our weird* WA footballs alone.

*not as weird as those SA abomination though


What the hell, man?
It’s like a kid’s balloon!


Faulkners suck. Too pointy for a start. Very hard as well.

Nothing like kicking a brand new Sherrin. A very specific and special pleasure.


Burley’s look strange but come off the foot alright.

Speaking of which, I recall Burley balls were used in games in WA for at least the 87 season, possibly longer but when did they change to Sherrin balls exclusively?


I reckon Ross Faulkner’s are the best, particularly for torps.


They used Ross Faulkner in 91 and 92, I think they alternated them in quarters in matches that involved the crows. Not sure exactly when they went to share in exclusively


Sydney use this integrated app to “manage” players. Interesting that Buddy features as the marquee player for the website. I guess he is one who is being very actively “managed” or the Swans wish they can “manage” to get more than 15 games out of him per year from 2019 on.


Dude’s fifty.
He should be managed.


I believe this kind of software is used by most clubs to manage their players - These days players are scrutinised to an inch of their lives.