Season 2018 - Sydney - Diggers.. come at him


Genuine question for Diggers - when Essendon play Sydney, in a really high stakes games with big implications, how much do you want Sydney to win by?


I’d say the 65 points they beat us by in the final last year would put a smile on his dial.


Last 3 years

And the reason for his lack of games this year is because of an infection


Yep. And they said they would never give him more than a one year contract because they didn’t trust his body.


In this new era of team defence, it’s a huge advantage to the opposition if you know there is a bloke on the other side you can always run off.

You create the overlap by drawing other opposition players who are madly trying to cover for someone like Menzel (or Josh Green), or whoever else’s name you want to throw in here (Barlow from Freo & GC, that Grigg bloke in SANFL), & often can get the ball down the other end quite easily all due to this initial loose player.

Mind you I remember Tayte Pears running off Fev all those years ago, so it’s not exactly a new thing we are talking about here.


I kind of feel a bit for Fev there.
I mean it was awesome and funny to watch, but still, he’s the the fat stay at home full forward.
Not one other player could have picked him up on the way out?
What, they were keeping an eye on Slattery?


Fev today named his new daughter ‘Brenda Fevola’ (no second name).

Please don’t ever ever feel sorry for Fev


Remember when he nearly kicked a ton?
Yeah, no danger of that.
More calling his teammates useless, too.


Thank God that someone in Menzel who can actually play footy is still on an AFL list - He’ll be best 22 for the Swans in round 1.


Maybe not round 1. Apparently he injured himself during training and has had to undergo surgery.


Not new at all.
Scotty Cummings used to kick 3-4 every week and still had to find a new club every year.


Yeah, but he just has to kick 2-3 goals in the first half and then they can give him the rest of the game off on the bench. Duh.


Can remember Goodes playing full back when Roos first took over (so maybe 2002-ish) doubt similar.
Can’t remember who they were playing at the time, but he’d kicked a goal and they panned to his opponent who was standing at the top of the goal square with his hands on his hips.


Brad Hardie would regularly do that from the back pocket, driving M Malthouse mad.

When you look back, there are players who change the way the game is played through their actions. Before B Hardie, back pockets were to be seen and not heard. After B Hardie, back pockets were expected to contribute to the attacking effort. Several years later, G Wanganeen took the attacking defender to another level again.

Great player who’s value has been forgotten over time.


Three captains? Sydney, please…


Premiership cup only has 2 handles


Invented attacking out of the back pocket, only 15 short years after K Sheedy and 5 years after Gary Ayres were doing the same.

Amazing stuff.


So who gets to hold the stump of the cup?


Yes. You’re versions of most things are amazing.


One captain, one vice and a deputy vice just in case but that’s all.

It’s getting easier to list who isn’t in charge than who is.