Season 2019 and beyond


A forward coach who could also teach how to take set shots! Radical move.


Club needs to go hire the best people for our coaching box I feel the club lacks in this part

Also get rid of Bruce Ried and get a young doctor in who is up to date with modern medicine.


we will win the flag next season, I just know it.

we are gonna finish this season strongly ala Brisbane in 2000 and come scorching into 2019.

bookmark it.


People do know there is a list management thread on the Draft & Trade board, right?


If this happens, We need a catchy name for the coachibn panel. Something original. I’m thinking “The Royal Box”


Multiple year Contract

  • Langford

1 Year Deals (if they get a better offer would probably leave)

  • J Long
  • Laverde
  • Green
  • McKernan
  • Dea
  • Brown
  • Mynott
  • Hartley (we probably dont need, Hartley & Brown too close for me to make call)


  • Jerrett
  • McNeice


  • Baguley (has surprised this year as a forward)
  • Goddard (go enjoy some golf)
  • Leuneberger

5 list changes plus probably another 1 from 1 year deal contracts.

2019 Best 22
B; Saad Hooker Francis
HB: Redman Hurley Ridley
C: McKenna Langford Long
HF: Fantasia Stringer Z Merrett
F: Tippa Daniher McKernan
R: Bellchambers Smith Zaharakis
Int: Heppell, McGrath, Guelfi, Parish

EMG: Stewart, Begley, Colyer

IMO Daniher comes in for Brown
Stewart potentially for McKernan.


Redman and Ridley ahead of Gleeson? Big call. I like the team but would have Marty in there.


Yep, but for every Guelfi, there’s 2 Brendon Lee types.


forgotten man :slight_smile: whoops


They don’t HAVE to be slow and small. Say Nick Hind and Hayden Schloithe. Just pulling two names out of my ringpiece.


Taking one for the team I call it.


2019 Best 22
B; Saad Hooker Francis
HB: mckenna Hurley gleeson

C: McGrath Langford Zaha
R: Bellchambers hepp zerret

HF: Fantasia Daniher smith
F: Tippa McKernan stringer

Int: Guelfi, Parish, Redman, bj


I don’t mind that, although i’m not overly keen on BJ still being there.
Hurley needs to be playing a more defensive role too




If Long is best 22 in 2019, then Essendon is proper farked.


Don’t disagree. If he goes on he’ll pay. We’ll see