Season 2019 and beyond


A forward coach who could also teach how to take set shots! Radical move.


Club needs to go hire the best people for our coaching box I feel the club lacks in this part

Also get rid of Bruce Ried and get a young doctor in who is up to date with modern medicine.


we will win the flag next season, I just know it.

we are gonna finish this season strongly ala Brisbane in 2000 and come scorching into 2019.

bookmark it.


People do know there is a list management thread on the Draft & Trade board, right?


If this happens, We need a catchy name for the coachibn panel. Something original. I’m thinking “The Royal Box”


Multiple year Contract

  • Langford

1 Year Deals (if they get a better offer would probably leave)

  • J Long
  • Laverde
  • Green
  • McKernan
  • Dea
  • Brown
  • Mynott
  • Hartley (we probably dont need, Hartley & Brown too close for me to make call)


  • Jerrett
  • McNeice


  • Baguley (has surprised this year as a forward)
  • Goddard (go enjoy some golf)
  • Leuneberger

5 list changes plus probably another 1 from 1 year deal contracts.

2019 Best 22
B; Saad Hooker Francis
HB: Redman Hurley Ridley
C: McKenna Langford Long
HF: Fantasia Stringer Z Merrett
F: Tippa Daniher McKernan
R: Bellchambers Smith Zaharakis
Int: Heppell, McGrath, Guelfi, Parish

EMG: Stewart, Begley, Colyer

IMO Daniher comes in for Brown
Stewart potentially for McKernan.


Redman and Ridley ahead of Gleeson? Big call. I like the team but would have Marty in there.


Yep, but for every Guelfi, there’s 2 Brendon Lee types.


forgotten man :slight_smile: whoops


They don’t HAVE to be slow and small. Say Nick Hind and Hayden Schloithe. Just pulling two names out of my ringpiece.


Taking one for the team I call it.


2019 Best 22
B; Saad Hooker Francis
HB: mckenna Hurley gleeson

C: McGrath Langford Zaha
R: Bellchambers hepp zerret

HF: Fantasia Daniher smith
F: Tippa McKernan stringer

Int: Guelfi, Parish, Redman, bj


I don’t mind that, although i’m not overly keen on BJ still being there.
Hurley needs to be playing a more defensive role too




If Long is best 22 in 2019, then Essendon is proper farked.


Don’t disagree. If he goes on he’ll pay. We’ll see


I came up with my 2019 best 22 before I came to this thread to find somewhere to put it.

B – Gleeson, Hooker, McGrath
HB – Saad, Hurley, McKenna
C – Heppell, Z. Merrett, Zaharakis
HF – Smith, Daniher, Fantasia
F – McDonald-Tipungwuti, McKernan, Stringer
R – Bellchambers, Langford, Parish
I/C – Francis, Ridley, Guelfi, Begley

Ivan has virtually the same team.

I put in Ridley instead of Redman, but I can appreciate Redman too, BJ instead of Begley in mine speaks present versus future.

Begley still has lots of work to do, and I could be swayed to putting in Redman instead, will come down to form and who has the most development in them.


As I said I’m far from married to the idea of bj in the side next year but I can see him going around again and being picked.

I’m surprised to be sitting here and picking Redman too fwiw.

The good thing is I think we have good bj replacements in the wings. Hell, even dea has proven himself to be a far better option this year than I expected. If Francis can really develop into a genuine flanker option that would also mean we could try a structure that includes Ambrose.

Ridley obviously is in the mix too.

I was a little disappointed with Begley’s pre injury output this year but as we saw with Redman things can change quickly. As it stands guelfi has rocketed past him chiefly because of his versatility.

Should be an exciting year. Particularly if we get fit and firing JD and Fanta more often than this year.


I like the look of this on paper, however the trend is for multiple small forwards and pressure. I think we will see 2-3 next year in that role too. Maybe Guelfi/smith play a part. But smiths pressure in the middle has been invaluable.


Oh absolutely, I see the 5th and 6 th forwards as basically mids but who are at the front line of transition and the first to arrive forward and lock it in.