Season 2019 and beyond

**EFC list 2019

Who do we keep? Who do we delist?

The following have been suggested to be delisted, but I disagree:
After his performances this year McKernan must be included on the Senior AFL list, not a Rookie any more.
Brown has earnt his spot since Daniher has been injured.
Laverde is 21 and learning to play AFL. Must keep.
Ditto Francis, aged 21,

Delist the following:
J. Merrett
Most of these guys, apart from Green and McNiece have been around for sometime. That have either had their day and they aren’t just good enough and are blocking up the list.

As finals now in 2018 are very doubtful, the best we can hope for are three more wins: Gold Coast, Freo and St Kilda. I think games against us winning are: Hawthorn, Sydney, Richmond and Port Adelaide. We might fluke one, but one win only out of those four.

Now is the time to start playing for our future as from next week against the Gold Coast. Over the next seven weeks I would like to see some of the following getting regular games: Laverde (when fit), Parish, Stewart, Francis, Clarke, Redman (if fit). Mutch, Zerk-Thatcher,Ridley, Guelfi, Draper

Let us think about 2019 and beyond as this season was shot down on Sunday.


Doubt Green will be gone and I thought Myers was still contracted?

Myers is contracted for 2019, but should take one for the team and voluntarily retire


Nah, honour the contract, but make it very clear to him that he will mentor the VFL side. Popular within the playing group, but just too one-dimensional for AFL footy anymore.

Like they did with Stanton and Hocking basically.

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Yep. If we’re trying to build good culture, you can’t burn long-time servants of the club that are well-liked. You can delist them when their contract runs out, like Bobcat last year, but you honour the contract until it’s over. He can play in the twos, help develop the kids, and then maybe we’ll give him a farewell game towards the end of the year once we have done our inevitable flop and missed out on finals once again.

I agree with pretty much the entire list in the OP, but I’d probably keep Colyer on the list as depth if there were no trade options available for him. I reckon the year off cost him badly, but it’s time to put that stuff away and be ruthless in turning the list over.


Can’t he finish his contract in the two’s? He’s a nice bloke and a good clubman.

Considering we would only take four, maybe five in the draft trades become a key to adding quality quickly. I’m assuming we were able to land SSS as we had the space in our salary cap following the departure of Stanton, Hocking, Howlett and Kelly. Who do we lose to create that sort of space again?
I don’t think the players mentioned here are big earners or trade bait.

I agree with what others have said about honouring Myers contract, but I really hope he plays very little at AFL level next year.

I don’t think we can move on all of Colyer, Green, Baguley, Long and Jerrett. At least 2 of those guys have played in nearly every game this year. So we’d be removing part of our best 22 and all of our small forward / outside mid depth. I think they’ll keep Colyer and Green.
Colyer is contracted for 2019 anyway so it’s the same argument as Myers.
We definitely need more small forwards / outside mids, so i’d be replacing all 3 delistings with similar, but hopefully better, types.

I don’t get your Lav logic. You could apply the exact same logic to Long. But I don’t think Lav is going to make it so i’d Delist him or take whatever packet of chips any other club is prepared to give.

I’d add Hartley to your list of delistings. Ambrose should ideally be the KPD depth next year instead of in the best 22. Plus Zerk.
Similar to Lav, i’d try and see if someone wants to give us a late pick for Hartley. GCS probably the only hope, but unlikely.

I still have big question marks about Goddard going on. I’d only do it if he’s prepared to play plenty of VFL. My preference is for him to go.
We have Gleeson, Ridley, Redman, Francis and Dea all able to play medium defender roles, even though they have different skill sets. As it stands probably only 2 of that group are going to get a game each week. If Goddard goes it might be 3 which is far more ideal.

To be honest (and I know they are very different players), I reckon i’d nearly be choosing one of Goddard and Dea to stay on the list. Whoever they keep has to basically be a depth player.

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No problem in drafting state league players at the back end of the draft.


This isnt set in stone, but I think of the list in thirds.

The top third are your best players obviously.
The middle third are there to play roles and cover for injuries.
The bottom third are developing youngsters/cat b’s and hangers-on.

I think colyer, brown, mckernan, green fit comfortably in the middle third and have pretty safe spots on the list now.

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McKernan is more chance of being on another list than ours I feel.
I wouldn’t blame him, he deserves to be on one, and he will know a fit Daniher takes his place.

I’m sure he will realise the club will be backing a younger Stewart to fulfill a CHF role ahead of Mckernan also, so I expect Shaun may end up elsewhere.

Would absolutely not begrudge him going somewhere else, can’t imagine he has been on much money while at the bombers and could get a nice pay packet somewhere else if his form continues.

If Lynch goes from GCS, he could pick up a pretty decent cheque up there.

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Sometime you’ve just gotta put yourself in the players position.
Whilst we gave him a lifeline, he owes us nothing. Could get more coin and regular game time elsewhere.

I can think of 5-6 clubs he would easily be getting regular football for.

Can we discuss coaching on this thread? Is so I have been impressed with Jimmy Bartel on His game analysis. Can we get him and James Kelly as assistant coaches next year?

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We’ve already got James Kelly

A promotion for Kelly was what I meant. Bartel midfield coach. Kelly defence


Almost worth getting Ling on board in some meaningless capacity just so we don’t have to listen to his “expert commentary”


A step too far

Caracella -senior assistant
Kelly/McVeigh - backline coach
Bartel - midfield
Lloyd - forwards coach

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