Season 2019 and beyond


Well Goddard is looking for a gig …


Melb were clearly harder and stronger on the ball. It’s not all about size - you also need to have fitness to run with momentum into every contest. A bigger guy, jogging into a contest is no good. The ideal mid though, is bigger - they’re your 6 ft to 6 ft 3’ who can run hard into contests all day. Oliver, Brayshaw, Harmes and Vandenberg are all 187cms+ and won it for the Dees last night (all in the bests) because they ran hard, and have size. Oliver cleaned up Selwood on more than one occasion with a combination of both. Viney is shorter but he’s more your tackler/pressure player (e.g. Dev Smith, Tippa) than straight-up extractor of the footy - you need these too.
Melb and the Tigers have recruited well and have built sides around bigger, fitter mids. The Selwoods, Dangerfield, Ablett are slowly succumbing to age and injury, and Guthrie, Duncan haven’t come on. I’ve banged on plenty about it before, but that’s last night’s game in a nutshell for mine, and the reason we need to keep putting midfield km’s into Lang, Lav, Mutch, Stringer (?) and look to recruit bigger.




Nice play! Did #5 for richmond get a hand on him when he was bouncing the ball? Wasn’t that what happened to Conor when he got pinged for htb?


Glad commonsense prevailed if there was a touch. Not in the spirit of the game - Hind was clearly in control and it’s got to be a “tackle” not school yard tiggy where a little touch means you are out.


Agree. It’s a pity there was no commonsense for Conor.


Umpires agreed after Conor’s free that it shouldn’t have been paid.

The rule says a tackle retards the tacklee. In neither case did they retard our player.


Some emerging players could really take us forward in 2019. I have a lot of hope for Redman, Ridley, Guelfi, McGrath and others.

Redman into a back pocket with Francis in the other one. Ridley as a tall winger with beautiful foot skills. Guelfi to put on some weight and join the on-ball rotation. McGrath could start as a defensive HF pushing up to the wing but play as a swingman as needed. Langers and Parish to increase time on the ball. No doubt there are others, but I am really hopeful these players in particular can take the next step. If they do, we should see more wins and a finals spot.

A potential 22…

Redman Hurley Francis
Saad Hooker McKenna
Smith Zerrett Ridley
McGrath JD Fanta
Stringer McKernan Walla

Bellchambers Hepp Parish

Langers Zaka Guelfi Gleeson

Apologies to Brown Myers and others


Herald sun think we won’t Be a threat until 2022.




It’ll take a lot longer than that before they publish anything I would want to read.


IM Excited about Redman based on his 2 games this year.
Ridley im not getting too excited just yet, he has great disposal but will need a injury to get spot IMO. Prolly expect 5-10 games another developing year
Guelfi might have second year blues…or could get even better, has great heart like baguley, great in contests and repeated efforts.
McGrath should have his 3rd season breakout and improve in his midfield role.
want to see Fantasia used more in midfield…but also injured less.
Interesting to see How much time Stringer spends in midfield next year
A fit JD.
Teams will start putting time into Francis, like they already are in the VFL, putting defenisve forwards on him to draw him away from the ball. He has loads of upside and very versatile. Improved fitness and confidence watch out.
Langford and Parish hoping can go up another level.
Mckenna and Saad should be better with another year together.
Laverde if he stays needs to try and stay injury free and more of what he did against port, still see hope of him being a forward/mid like stringer.

Im also quite Bullish about Draper.
And hope he gets a couple of games next year when we rest TBell.


What do they have inside knowledge from the Big House???


Expecting some changes to players who have not been seen for a while.

The fridge will come back as a slimline model after his ACL rehab.
By contrast Marty Gleeson will come back with a significant upper body transformation. Expect he will be able to execute a successful fend off in 2019 and beyond !