Season 2019 - Brisbane


The key with Brisbane is to keep the emerging talent they have. Too often they wanna bugger off home and they have to start again.


Young upcoming side. 10 wins. But the flag is ours cos I am sick of waiting.:grinning:


They got Lachie Neale who is a gun and a few other decent players.

I think they are fine with player retention now Fagan and Hodge has made that club a place where players want to stay


would be surprised if they lose more players while theyre winning games. it sounds like Fagans turned the culture around at the club.


Given they just lost their best player in the year they really needed to step up, I wouldn’t be making too many rash statements about turning the corner on player retention.


Lachie Neale is the most interesting trade from the off-season - A dual best and fairest player who is highly respected at Fremantle - Money was not the issue - It must be some type of issue which we’ll find out sometime in the future.


Beams is just doing a Buckley
I can’t see anyone else leaving, mainly cause I don’t know their names.


Sounds like he just had zero confidence in the footy department. Within the industry there doesn’t seem to be much positive talk about them. Tim Kellys manager flat out refused to talk to them in regards to a trade


I would probably pencil the round 4 clash with Brisbane at the G as a win for us. We should be way too fast for Brisbane on the expanses of the G.



(Seriously though, they’ll make the 8. No doubt in my mind.)


Why would anyone be even vaguely sure about a side that played 1 month of footy, then had their best player leave??


Really don’t know what to expect here, development is never linear and whilst everybody is expecting growth on that trajectory I just can’t be assured it will happen.

Injuries will certainly come into play if they occur as the depth is still thin albeit talented.

If I had to guess I would say similar win loss record, maybe a couple more wins, but more consistent against the teams they should and shouldn’t win or loose to.

2020 would be where I start to see them climb.