Season 2019 - Fremantle - LOL Ross Lyon

They’re probably two midfielders short in my view from being a top 8 side. However I agree with @Allblack that they will improve.

Reckon they’ll go from shyte to ordinary?

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Frankly, no.

Jesse Hogan out for round 1 with clinical anxiety. No return date set.

He should probably lay off the recreational drug use as well.



All the best to him and I hope his condition improves.

But gee Freo don’t have much luck with their recruits. Sylvia (RIP), Bennell, Hogan? Hopefully he’s ok. That’s all in the last 4 or 5 years.

Do they do their due diligence or do they just take too many risks?


He got blind Saturday arvo then missed match sim Sunday, and somehow hurt his ribs Saturday night too. Hes been suspended for round 1, wheres the anxiety stuff from?

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So is he out due to anxiety or because he went out on the p1ss, injured his ribs somehow and missed training?

What a joke. He got on the ■■■■, had a few too many, hurt himself which may have been due to a blue which meant he missed training the next day. Point is he screwed up like lots of blokes in their 20s have. Anxiety has nothing to do with this incident. I think we can assume that he doesn’t get drug tested either if he’s on medication for the condition.

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To be fair, most people would be anxious if they were caught behaving like that.


New video on FB showing him dancing, pants down off his face on pills.
The blokes missing footy due to Drugs and Alcohol…don’t make it what it isn’t.
I hate people cheating their way out of something due to mental health.
You don’t go taking pills when you have anxiety issues. It makes people doubt
others who truly are struggling!


They need the mental health card to avoid any further testing so he won’t get popped for recreational drugs. So anxiety it is this week.

He is another in the long line of players Freo either get with problems and don’t do enough to straighten them out or they are turned into overdrive when they hit Freo.

Lyon doesn’t have a great track record of curbing disturbing behaviour either.

Damn shame with hogan as he could have been anything, unlikely now. Melbourne made a good move sending him away.

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I’d imagine substance abuse/self medication is pretty high on the list of coping strategies for mental health issues.


It’s a cop out. Get blind, hurt ya ribs, dont show up to training, but we’ll say that’s due to his anxiety

Its weak as p*as


It’s also a cause of mental health issues, hard to know which is the chicken and which is the egg.

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Bit of both probably. Possibly an underlying issue exacerbated by drug use. Massive issue in the 50’s and 60’s.

He’s still in his 20’s though :grinning:


Why wouldn’t they?

It’s a rule the AFL have created.

It’s terrible and it trivialises mental health problems and makes everyone second guess anyone who does have mental health issues.

But that’s the rule.

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