Season 2019 - Fremantle - LOL Ross Lyon

“Drinking Incident”

LOL Have a look at his jaw going!!!

Spin spin spin, how stupid do they think the public are?

Even if the substance use came first, it’s damn near impossible to tell whether it’s just exposed an issue that was already there.

There’s a guy I met skating, horrible PTSD from working in the Black Saturday aftermath. Also a pretty heavy recreational drug user in the decade(s) prior to that (which became s pathological addiction post-2009).
Would he have PTSD without prior substance use or was he always destined to run into mental health issues as some point?
Or would he never have had any issues if not for Black Saturday despite his drug use?
The PTSD definitely flipped him from a functioning user to a dysfunctioning addict, but it’d be hard to assign either variable into cause and effect.
What I found most interesting is that he remembers even as young as primary school loving the head rush you get after running round in circles or hanging upside down for ages. With the benefit of hindsight probably not a guy that should have ever used recreational substances.

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What’s it mean when people say look at his jaw? How’s that a give away?

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Pretty easy giveaway when ya cooked, swinging more than a golf club

Jaw clenching and chewing is a sign of being on pinga’s.


For what it’s worth, his anxiety disorder has been well documented. The Melbourne and Freo doctors discussed it at length before his trade and Freo knew how serious it was.

He hasn’t made it up out of nowhere now that he’s been caught out on the ■■■■. And people with severe anxiety are renowned for self medicating with drugs and alcohol, which in turn makes the anxiety worse.

Best to wish him well and try to respect his privacy rather than say it’s a cop out (which it might be).


All the talent with D*ckhead mates.

Hogan has ALWAYS been this type of lad. Its 100% a joke the anxiety card being pulled for this. He’s a young fella who likes to party

Wait… so the anxiety is just a smoke screen? He really has OP?!

Not saying is the case here with him.

But many people with issues will turn to drugs/alcohol as a way of escapism. In the case of anxiety, to stop their head running rampant with whatever it is that troubles them.

One thing for Hogan is he’s had to go through the passing of his father which for all we know may have impacted him significantly.

Melbourne even made mention that he likely needed to go back to be with his family in WA to help with that process. Hasn’t worked clearly.

That video & his actions is about as unprofessional as you can get on the eve of the season and in not turning up to training next day as well.


No it’s a calf.
Some dude accidentally kicked him in the calf on saturday night and he was ■■■■■■ off because he knew he’d miss 6 weeks so he got in a fight and hurt his ribs.
No-one misses training with a hangover, but you would with a calf injury and sore ribs.

It’s just obvious.

This is quite amazing by Freo, especially given the issues with Bennell over past few years.

Huge risk to take and it’s blown up in their faces

I don’t think Hogan is a huge risk. They got him cheap for his talent.

Talent means nothing without professionalism

They took a risk on a guy who admitted his social habit was closer to a 10 out of 10.

And he’s blind drunk pants down and pinging off his head on the weekend on eve of season.

@ $900k/yr

Certainly not cheap if he isn’t out on the park

Luckily for them with the AFL rules in play this clinical anxiety/mental issues will probably also mean he gets out of ASADA drug testing.

Ross LOLyon

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ASADA couldn’t give 2 ■■■■■ if he’s got anxiety or not.
I won’t name her, but I know an athlete in the US that got a “failure to report location” strike against her because she was on an IV drip in hospital instead of at the gym where she’d planned on being.

This isn’t the US however

AFL illicit drugs policy rules as per that media blow up earlier in the year have players exempt from testing if have registered mental health issues

So Hogan whilst he has this issue will never get done for illicit drug taking by ASADA. As per Buddy & any other player who has mental health issues in the AFL at present.