Season 2019 - Fremantle - LOL Ross Lyon

Reckon R Lyon is on the way out and P Sumich is on the way in.


Looks like Dockers are putting players in cotton wool and just playing out end of season half heartedly, good for us when we travel over there i guess.
If Lyon goes, where does he go? - I can see Carlton chasing him.

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And Jesse Hogan has foot stress fracture too!
not good for the surface.

Any groundskeepers in Blitz? why would the surface be so hard?

The ground isn’t hard, the players are soft.


Tests prove otherwise

Can be many factors such as soil type and composition, the initial preparation, drainage etc.
It really should have improved and settled by now so I’d say they will do some major work at seasons end

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but not before the Footscray game? damn

Your test results are pretty revealing.

This is gaining a lot of traction, suggestions that Lyon has spoken to a Melbourne club.

Hell, even the ABC is speculating about it.

Back to the Saints!

How many hard ground Optus have?

LOL Ross Lyon.

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Shane Kersten has quit the club. Reports that hes had a massive fallout with Ross Lyon

I’m surprised Ross Lyon even knows who he is. He’s brought in McCarthy, Hogan and Lobb in an effort to replace him in the last few years




Twenty years ago, this would have inspired me to make a best 22 of all time to play 100 games or less.
Being old makes you tired.

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Have we just killed another coach off?
Has been some radio chat that Lyon will part ways with Freo at seasons end


Pre game mouths off at Essendon.

Loses to Essendon.

Sacked three days later.

Suffer in your jocks Lyon, you useless arsehat.