Season 2019 - Fremantle - LOL Ross Lyon

I think you have your wires crossed.
ASADA’s testing (for PEDs) is completely independent from the AFLs testing (for recreational drugs).
Hogan may be exempt from the AFLs recreational drug testing atm but there’s nothing stopping ASADA turning up at his door step tomorrow morning and asking him to ■■■■ in a cup.

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ASADA does the AFL’s illicit drug testing

My point was, Hogan known to have a social habit, and Freo won’t have to worry about strikes for him as can’t be tested for illicit.

ASADA can have him pee all they like into a cup but can’t choose to test that for illicits.

Your first statement is incorrect (which by default makes the last statement incorrect as well)

“In fact ASADA is not involved in the design and implementation of the AFL’s illicit drugs program and three strike policy. Further, ASADA is not involved in the enforcement of the AFLs illicit drug policy.

The AFL’s illicit drugs program involves private contracted sample collection companies and is carried out independently from ASADA. ASADA is not generally informed of the outcomes of the illicit drug testing program and is certainly not specifically advised as to specific players testing positive to illicit substances.”

“ASADA conducts its testing program in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code’s International Standard for Testing and Investigations (ISTI). This means that ASADA selects athletes for testing and decides when and where testing takes place without direction from the sport.

The AFL, like a number of other sports, contracts ASADA to conduct user-pays testing for performance-enhancing substances. This testing is conducted as per the ISTI and is not associated with the AFL’s illicit drugs testing program. ASADA determines which players are tested for performance-enhancing substances under this program.”

I stand corrected.

With that new info it appears then Eastie that ASADA could catch a player in competition if the illicit drug was viewed as performance enhancing.

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In fairness if ASADA got him to pee tomorrow he wouldn’t get sprung for most recreational drugs as it’s out of comp (basically what happened to Thomas and Keeffe from Pies; got done for clenbuterol but not cocaine)

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Freo’s week is getting better. No real surprise that Bennell is known to the local bikies.

They must sell him a lot of coc… sorry, calf injuries.

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Yeah that’s correct.
Pretty common in sports like surfing, snowboarding etc where illicit drugs are (and I’m stereotyping here) more part of the parcel.

Its like the chicken and the egg.
what came first

the mental health problem
or the illicit drug use.

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Another calf for Bennell

What’s ‘calf’ code for, these days?
I can’t keep up.


Surely someone like @Jake_Brady_10 knows

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Pretty sure it means mental health. The AFL kind of mental health not actual depression or schizophrenia that friends of mine have suffered and died from. The misuse of these terms really irks me.

I assumed he’d been eating them.

You have to watch out for that pesky clenbuterol.

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Their AA touted kpd goneski

Wasn’t West Coast complaining earlier in the year about the hardness of Optus and the injuries it was causing them when training there?


Yeah they were.

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Clearly issues there. Might be like Marvel, the hard base underneath not good for impact/stress type injuries.