Season 2019 - North Melbourne - first to sack then appoint their coach

Majak Daw will play VFL this week. Impressive comeback for him.

Wonder if he’ll play against us the following week.


Really pleased he is able to play.


I would doubt that very much.
Some very bad injuries.

Will surely only play a half, then 3 qtrs, then a full game.
They might have a feel good story in a month or so, but not before IMO.

Longmire on 360 just now answering inevitable questions about his future. One of the more unconvincing displays by a coach I can think of. I think he’s going back to North.

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So what you’re saying is… Rhys Shaw is ours for the taking?

Well played essendon, well played…

Just on Taylor Garner, his mother is cousin to a close friend. She got us free tickets when they played the Dockers at Optus. He is being suspended for 4 matches, has to see a psychologist and also do work around the club. Apparently he has been in some strife before. Only managed a total of 38 games over 7 + seasons, mostly due to injury. The latest indiscretion is not seen as career threatening at this stage. but could become more serious if the guy whom he hit, or the police, decide to press changes. FWIW, the other guy started the fight according to witnesses.

Aaron Hall taking indefinite leave for mental health reasons.

Longmire signs on at Sydney for 3 more years.
North can’t even attract a big fish coach with their war chest.



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ha - Essendon love doing come from behind wins against them.

Their whole game plan is to rough up the opposition’s best players and kick the ball long and high to sideshow bob. I hope they re-sign whichever tactical genius is running that asylum

it nearly worked for them

Scott Thompson ruptured a testis during the 3rd quarter this week. In doubt to play against the Eagles.

I’ll leave the puns to everyone else.

Dermis was onto something

“I reckon Scotty Thompson was stiffed when he hipped out big Oscar and took the chest mark,” Brereton told Fox Footy.

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I don’t recon he will

Didn’t he just re-sign with Sydney?

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Yes, last week


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