Season 2019 - North Melbourne - first to sack then appoint their coach

Am sure there are still property development opportunities at Carlton as well.

Fraser Brown probably did pretty well with the blues fans because of that 1 tackle lol.

A man? Why not do something more in line? Maybe you being dacked for a month?

Just so I’m not totally showing my age, dacked still means having your pants pulled down?

Their president owns about 3 industrial areas in Brunswick alone.

In the current football environment, 5 goals plus.

Not sure if the Internet is ready for that.

Yes dacked.means that. A euphemism for being embarrassed for making a public statement that turns out to be completely phoney.

In this case I am pretty confident of being vindicated. Teams showing some excellent signs.

I’m all on-board for hiring Brad Scott if we can pull the ruse where we send him to the cats where he impersonates his brother, and we get the better Scott onto our coaching team.


Would make a great coach if he got sacked every week.

Anyone who knows me knows I have a fierce dislike for NM but those players played for Brad Scott. To see the care post match, the emotions, I just can’t see that happening to us in our current state if (hypothetically) Worsfold was given the lemonade & sars. I think Brad Scott has handled himself brilliantly which probably means he has a safety net of some description.


Rhyce shaw to stand in eh?

How many times is it getting down there

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Random place to post this, as I’m watching The Front Bar where Archer was their guest.

Whoever put together the career highlights must hate Archer, as they were:

  • a sloppy/stupid high free kick
  • a taking of the legs
  • a shonky kick to space with two opponents nearest to it
  • a dropped mark
  • striking first-gamer Lenny Hayes in the head
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so pretty much just a routine game for Archer then…

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You watch terrestrial TV??

They do tend to play deliberately embarrassing clips of their guests for laughs

Aker one I watched had some rippers

My son just text me and said he heard on the news that a Norf player has been stood down for being in a pub brawl. Anyone know who

Tayler garner I think

Who’s she?


Distant relative of Joel ‘Big Bird’.

The question stands, your honour