Season 2019 - North Melbourne - first to sack then appoint their coach

Another trivia question from that game.

Name the tin-rattler who played that day & was a key player in the drugs saga?


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You’re too good. Yes.



We get to play these guys again :grinning:


Ben Brown is close to my least favorite player. If Daniher got that sort of treatment from the maggots it would be amazing

Beat me to it!

They were awful.

They look shot. When they had a chance to get a goal or two from set shots due to our turnovers they couldn’t nail them. A side looking for hope would take those opportunities. Glad it’s them and not us.

could be some big changes coming at the bye.

Can you explain further?

Maybe to do with the mid season draft?

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More likely Scott getting the chop

As should their recruitment team

We smacked them both at AFL and VFL level

There isn’t too much hope for the now or the future for North.

Have they folded yet?

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Doubt Scott will get the ■■■■, but something needs to change.

I think everything is being looked at. Could be some fundamental changes if things don’t improve. I think they’ll make some changes to the coaching panel and at board level. The only silver lining for them on Friday was because of us, a sell out crowd for their home match boosts their coffers significantly.


They could run a very interesting footy experiment. Swap Chris and Brad Scott, and see if A) anyone notices and B) the two clubs perform differently.


Or C) just fold


I do sometimes wonder how much info those two share.

Does anybody else find it a weird and cruel world when North lobby for years to have Good Friday as their marque game, which also happens to be the biggest Tin Rattling day of the year. It’s like they were subconsciously drawn to it, knowing it’s in their DNA.


Or 10: Darren Bewick

Did I do it right?

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