Season 2019 - North Melbourne - first to sack then appoint their coach


I wonder if both teams have agreed to share the gate for these Good Friday clashes. Similar to what with do with Collingwood on Anzac Day

No way they share it. Like their supporters, theyll sook and moan that they get nothing and we get everything and the afl look after us in our ivory tower while they have nothing but their “shinboner spirit”. So theyll probably take all the gate so they can afford to keep the lights on

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IMO, North will get better as we move through 2019-2020:

  • They’ve added Polec/Hall/Pittard/Tyson, and the side probably needs time to gel as a consequence.
  • LDU was a tippy top draft pick, who isn’t showing it as yet, but will come good.
  • They got both Thomas and Scott as discounted players in the last draft, and that advantage will eventually come to bear.

Whether they improve in time to save the coach, however, I don’t know…

Hall, pittard and tyson are potato’s

LOSER club


Add Polec to that list aswell.
Imagine spending your war chest on those Scania’s.
Just hurry up and move to Tasmania

If you accept that as “news”, you must’ve had a hell of a day on the 1st of April.

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Horse is cooked at the swans, right @Diggers

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A mate of mine is a big North supporter and he knows Anthony Stevens pretty well. Two years ago he said the club was targeting Longmire, Simpson or Clarkson as the next coach. In that time they re-signed Scott, but I think the Longmire angle is one the media will go with. Former Roo, Sydney staring down the face of a rebuild and probably might need a change of coach to freshen the place up. It wouldn’t surprise if an amicable separation was organised and Horse walks into the North job. If 2019 is an absolute dumpster fire for the Roos it could happen…

They won’t make the finals this year, unlike the previous 8x years. In a row.

Does that mean his finished as coach of Sydney? Not sure but I reckon most other coaches would kill for a record like his.

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They want to be us so badly; when will they realise that their club was the stepping stone in those guys careers and returning would be a step back?

Why would any of those coaches go back to that crumby under-resourced sh*thole?

unless they get sacked by their current club, theyre not going anywhere. especially not norf smellbourne…

Clarkson is unattainable. Simpson is just coming off a flag, but it might depend on if his family is keen to come back to Melbourne or not. Haven’t heard anything suggesting that’s the case. Longmire would be in play IMO. If the ■■■■ falls completely out of North’s season and they are 1-10 or 2-9 at the turn, the sharks will be circling in terms of Scott’s tenure, and you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll link Horse to the job. ■■■■ I could write the article now. Get a hold of a disgruntled ex-NMFC board member, a former player and teammate of Longmire’s, get a couple of quotes and bang it’s in the paper or on a news website pretty quickly.

I hope they havent folded before we play them a second time this year.

We need the percentage boost.


What makes you think Tasmania want them? They’ve made it quite clear they want an AFL team…


There isn’t a dedicated second side. We got the slot this time due to Anzac day, last year it was the Bulldogs. So they’ll keep the gate receipts.

Wouldn’t surprise if we are there again next year. Was a terrible look for a marquee game to have so many empty seats

48K at a 52K capacity stadium is pretty decent. I think Nth v Ess will be the Good Friday fixture for the next few years at the very least…


just give it to 2 poor teams and let them make something of it. We dont need it, we shouldn’t want it. We have ANZAC day and dream time, that’s enough.

And when we turn to ■■■■, do you seriously think we will pull 48k away when we are 0-4 or 1-3???
Leave it with north and the Dogs or even North and Swans.