Season 2019: The Empire Strikes Back?


Far too bullish for my liking. I rely on Mendozaaaa to keep me grounded and crush any hope for the season ahead so as not to risk disappointment.


Must be wonderful to view and experience the footy season through Mendoza’s prism.


To be fair, he went on to say the club would fold at the end of next year.


You misread. Days without a finals win between 1968 and 1983, 5,474 days. On 01/09/2019 it will hit 5,475. The ■■■■ has to stop at some point.


No, I said it may as well do so if a final isn’t won. Just by playing in one isn’t good enough.


If you don’t treat footy as a life & death matter it’s just weekend entertainment.


how very prism of you.


Currently watching The Thick Of It and Mendozaaaa would be the embodiment of Malcolm Tucker.
Please tell me it is so.


Does even mendozaaa have a filthy enough mouth for that?


You’re right - I did misread as I thought you meant we would break our duck in finals next year rather than break the record for longest time without finals win. Guess it’s confirmation bias on my part - so I’m more of a clapper than I originally thought. :joy:


Fox Footy seem to embrace Champion Data. So this article would appear to be based on #cdbulsh.
But its very lidoffish, so its worth posting on an Essendon Site. 4th best list. WOW

AFL ladder predictions 2019: Essendon set to soar, Sydney and Port Adelaide to dive, according top Champion Data


  • November 15, 2018 11:47am
  • Source: FOX SPORTS

Essendon and Devon Smith could become a flag contender in 2019. Picture: Michael KleinSource: News Corp Australia

THE future at Essendon — both short-term and long-term — looks bright, with Champion Data bullish John Worsfold’s men could become an AFL contender in 2019.

But it’s not as promising for both Sydney and Port Adelaide after their disappointing respective finishes to the 2018 season.

Leading Champion Data analyst Daniel Hoyne joined 3AW’s Sportsday on Tuesday night to dissect a few clubs’ list and predict who could rise and rise next season.

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Many predicted the Bombers would make the finals this year but finished in 11th spot on the ladder with a 12-10 record.

Essendon will enter the 2019 season with the second-least experienced and the fifth-youngest list in the AFL. But Hoyne said there could be a sense of “surprise factor” about the team next year, especially after reeling in arguably the biggest fish of the trade period in Dylan Shiel from the Giants.

The Bombers will have the fourth-best list in the competition in 2019, according to Champion Data.

“When I’m looking at Essendon last year, I could totally understand why Essendon supporters would be upset and frustrated with what happened in the first two months of the year. (But) it wasn’t all about last year. It’s all about setting up sustained success,” Hoyne told Sportsday .

Essendon will be boosted in 2019 by new recruit Dylan Shiel. Picture: Jason EdwardsSource: News Corp Australia

“They get Dylan Shiel as well, another 25-year-old that adds to that age bracket and will be there for five to seven years.

“They’ve got each area of the ground covered at the moment.”


Last years prediction, … West Coast to be bottom of the ladder and Collingwood to miss the 8.

Essendon to play finals, maybe Top 4, … etc etc …


Every season starts with hope. For some it starts with expectation.

Leaving hope aside, there are some pretty compelling reasons to expect our list to achieve in the 2019-2021 era.


The hope his year though is off the charts (and most agree with good reason).

If we don’t win a final next year then the fallout in here is going to be off the fkn charts


In 1871 the club was formed. 2021 will be its 150th year celebration. Get the feeling, recent moves (facility/recruiting/coaching etc) are all geared toward a sustained period of success leading up to (and beyond, obviously) a strong 2021. One thing is certain, Essendon’s 2021 fortunes will not mirror their 100 year “celebrations” which saw a 4 win, 1 draw, 17 loss season. The 70’s were a hellish time for Essendon supporters after their long period of success, much like the last 14. Here’s hoping the wheel finally turns


Actual VFL was formed in 1901, and we won the 1st Flag ever.

I’ve had a mirror thing with that 1st Prem teams photo on it, and 1901 underneath for over 40 yrs.

I was always spewing we lost the GF in 2001, as I felt it was a virtual surety and karmically right, to win the Prem on the Centenary of our (cough) First, and would have happily given up the actual “Centenary” one in 2000, to have won that one instead.

Still irks me that.


1897 was the first proper VFL season with the clubs that came across from the VFA. Not 1901.

Edit: what the plaque may be referring to is Essendons first premiership team (as in played in a grand final) as our first premiership win in 1897 didn’t include a grand final - there was instead round robin system I think


Whilst I understand your point - I reckon we are one supporter group and club that has actually suffered a fallout that was ‘off the charts’ in recent history. For me, there is no on-field scenario this year or any year disappointing enough to shade that.


@Alan_Noonan_10 can give us a first hand account. Player numbers. Direction of the wind. What the horse and cart cost.


“Season 2019: The Empire Strikes Red & Black”