Season 2019: The Empire Strikes Back?


Please no. I just love trolling you guys.


Collingwood are twice as good as West Coast in all three respects. Top 50, Top 100, choking when it matters.


Goddard says his assessment of our list is that we now have a 4 to 6 year window in which we should win 1 minimum and possibly 2 flags. He nominates 2021 as the most likely year for a flag.


Stop looking at champion data Chris… oh wait.


100 days until… It Begins


Fark. Is it really that long?


That’s what she said.


I guess that’s one of the drawbacks of your midget fetish.


Will Schofield #425. WTF? Was huge in their GF win.


Some folks following 17 other clubs on other forums are getting mighty peeved about all the “HYPE” surrounding Essendon…
Point 1. All these so called “experts” in the media are idiots . ( I think Bl;itz agrees on this )
Point 2 Champion Data are a bunch of idiots. . ( I think Blitz agrees on this )
Point 3 Essendon supporters pumping up the clubs expectations of winning a final are idiots if they think Essendon will even play finals

In summary, the folk on these other sites firmly believe that their sides will improve and not drop out of the 8 and if it was ever going to make any difference, Essendon will not improve so they will not get into the 8.

I would like to do an exercise. When was the last time the 8 clubs in the 8 finished in the 8 in consecutive years ?


Rare, if at all. Usually 1 or 2. Can’t remember it ever happening


I’d assume never for the top 8. Most likely when it was less teams in finals.

I think the avg is two teams falling out of the 8.


If Sydney, Geelong and Hawthorn supporters think their sides are going to improve they’re in for a rude shock


Strange as TBC, Hooker and Hurley will all be cooked by that stage.

Draper to replace TBC though who replaces the Dual all Australian Backmen?




Zerk & Francis are as close to being Hooksey & Hurls as anyone I can think of. You couldn’t ‘magic’ better replacements.


Fark? Is it really that soon?

(I’ll fly back into the country that day, see you all at Homebush.)


There must be info on this somewhere Chris. Couldn’t you just look it up on Champion data?


SSSS = Top 4

Stringer and Mckenna to become A grade. Looking forward to more Mckernan too…


I agree with BJ, but interesting comment from a guy who just left the club. We are better on paper now compared with last year so a). BJ was playing in a team he didn’t think could win it last year b). He wanted to play for a team next year he didn’t think could win it or c). He thinks the only chance of a flag was with him in the side.

I’m going with C.