Season 2019: The Empire Strikes Back?


Way to overthink things.

The guy rates our list, that’s all.


Yep, we’re seen as a threat.

I’ve had a lot of people who support rival clubs get pretty personal with Essendon insults regarding footy in 2019.
I’ve played a straight bat about our chances for next year, but rival supporters at work and friends have been coming at me pretty hard.
It’s very unusual for this time of the year.

They are genuinely worried about us. Especially Collingwood supporters.


yep - the same from opposition supporters. Our second half of the season impressed them and made us look like a very good side. They were saying, without hesitation, that we’ll do well next year. But they were doing it admiringly - reckon they feel we have been through such crap with the saga we deserve to come good.


I definitely haven’t had this!


putting aside who they barrack for (Richmond, Collingwood and Fark Carlton) - they are good blokes.

When we come good you can stick it up them :slight_smile:


A bit drastic!


Tell them to be afraid, be very afraid.



More quality reporting from that shitrag.


I’m not clicking so I’ll just have to take your word for it.


Written by this heartbreaker:


I’m going with you being a C as well


Looking back at 2017 and other successful forwards lines of recent past 200+ goals from your front six is ideally what you looking for.
Daniher 60
Stringer 40
Fantasia 40
Walla 30
2nd tall (McKernan/Brown/Stewart) 30
6th fwd (Laverde/Baguley/Begley) 20

Avg ~7 goals per game from top 3 forwards (Daniher Stringer and Fantasia) is a big ask considering past season. Bigger ask if they remain injured and others have to step up and fill the rolls.
I think the 2nd tall and 6th forward are most likely to exceed the number of goals listed.


You would also be relying on your midfield to kick quite a few goals, Zerret, Hepps, Parish, Langford, Smith and Shiel.


Definitely need midfielders and others to kick their fair share.
Still though the top 6 forwards need 200 plus.


We have struggled in the goal kicking mid Department


Keeping the Empire theme

Daniher- huge but no good when injured, AT-AT Walker
Stringer- huge beast, Jabba the Hutt
Fantasia- bounty hunter with a jetpack, Boba Fett
Walla- once you’re in range, you’re gone- Sarlacc


Behinds or goals?


I clicked three times for you


That video Collingwood tweeted out today (this is our story) was pretty cool. Felt dirty watching it but it’s something I wish we’d do a bit more of.