Season 2019: The Empire Strikes Back?


Um why do you follow Collingwood on Twitter?


I don’t. It was retweeted by the AFL & it was previewed on my feed. The new twitter update is Fkg with my head a little admittedly.


I thought it was lame and needlessly sacarin. Also, its easy to do vids like that when yknow… Your club made a grand final. We should bring back Steve Alessio for Bomber TV


Daniher won’t get near 60 goals. Interrupted preseason, year off with injury. It’ll be 10 games at least before he gets his touch back. If we make finals he may have a chance if replicating his,career best form but it’ll be a very slow burn for joe next year.

Also don’t think stringer will get near 40 goals. If he is used more in the middle his goal output won’t increase.

Guys like zerrett, hepp, parish, McGrath and Langford will need to get on the board more for us to kick big scores IMO.


For once i agree with you. You have to give him time to get his touch back. I can see us all getting frustrated that his kicking wont be too accurate on return as well. Just needs some consistency.

I could see String kicking 40 pretty easy though. The coaches know hes predominantly a forward now with short bursts in the middle. Hes also working very well with the rest of the forwards. Especially Raz


I can just imagine people seriously suggesting we trade him after he plays rusty for the first half of the season.


1999-2000 Carlton swapped with Hawthorn in 99. But since 1994 we have had top 8 that’s only 24 years in the making.


McKenna 10 goals


Here’s hoping for a pre-season with minimal damage. Getting through with minimal sprains, tears, cracks and breaks will put us in a good place to kick off 2019. I love the preseason because it’s full of promise, but there’s always threat of bad news to take the shine off.


Stringer is good for 40. He kicked 16 in the second half of last season and missed 2 games. I reckon he’ll take it up a notch this year. And he should have better supply. Possibly Joe to take some heat off him too.