Season 2019: The Empire Strikes Back?


Did they improve out of sight or just get the maximum out of their list this year (aka overachieved)?
I tend to think they overachieved a bit on the basis of a very good injury run and very good form for most of their experiences players.

I’m not convinced at all that they’ve got the quality youth to sustain the improvement.
I could easily see them going backwards even if all of their traded in players go ok.


They’ll have a tougher draw this year.
Should make the ■■■■ end of the 8 though.


Would love double ups against Suns, Saints, Port & Swans.


I had them last with Simpson getting the sack!


Simpson, eh?


Easier draw? Didn’t we struggle against the lowly teams?


If we can finish inside the 8 doesn’t really matter where and win our 1st final our players will get the hunger we all want them to have, It will be on then.

We all know our player’s are good enough i don’t think they know it yet.


Possibly round 1 next year.


Where is that suggestion coming from?


if thats real. thats a very crumby round 1`


Looking through all the matches none of them look to be exciting matches.

Can’t see it happening.


It’s round 1. People will show up anyway.



Everyone’s a chance, and anything can happen Round One, … and so often just the opposite of the expected does.


Factoring in harder/easier draws and trading I would think:


Eagles and Tigers best 2 teams and hard to split

Bombers, Demons and Pies on next level and on their day can knock off top 2. All improved in the trade but Bombers should have best draw.

Giants, Cats and Hawks not sure if they have improved much. Holding out North, Power and Crows.

Brisbane, Freo and FC will all improve 4-5 games.

Stk and Suns worst teams by a mile.


I will return to here when we are down 2 goals to 5 after seven minutes of the preseason.


We need someone to teach and train Ambrose to become our knock 'em over and hurt them legally player.

Yes, I know Woosha doesn’t believe in taggers but everything is subject to change, especially when you are after a premiership. The top teams have them, so ought we. Thoughts?


wut? … Someone to teach Ambo??

He would be the guy doing the teaching. *Ask Brad Hill if he knows how.

(*You’ll find him about a foot under the turf on the HFF at the G,)


Still cracks me up.


More of that please Mr. 29.


This is some gooooood Saturday morning reading