Season 2019: The Empire Strikes Back?


A final? Why only one? l expect us to win more than one.


I had WC, Collingwood & norf in the bottom 4.


I’m fairly confident of a three-peat.


Based on the fact that we havent won one in nearly 15 years, so I’m setting the expectations lower


We’d all love it to be more.
I think it’s fair to say that is the bare minimum result we should be aiming for though


Winning one is 2018. I want progress!


Just to recap.
Woosha’s opening game speech
“I want you to go out there and show me your potential…aim with your bare your minimal!?!”
(Players snicker)
Woosha starts again.
"Now look, I want you to win some games, lose some others because aiming with our bare minimal is winning a final…but it is nice if we potentially win more…

Would you like to see the players LTFAO!


Winning more than one final is my bare minimum expectation.

What’s a lid?


Wtaf are you trying to say?


He’s saying the coach would be trying his best to win every single game.
Which is novel.


I think you’d have to be pretty stupid to draw any relationship between the club trying to win every game and some fans having a minimum benchmark of a finals win.


Having a personal benchmark that really only applies to your own expectations doesn’t mean you don’t want the club to do better than that, and has no impact on the team.
So the whole argument is pretty redundant, really.


Agreed. Personally i’ll Just be cheering for us to win every game and hoping we win the flag. I reckon we’ve got the talent. They just need to work hard and hopefully things fall out way


We have the list to win the gf next year. But lapses are my big question.

Do have what it takes to grind wins when we are not playing our best footy?

Will we have the mental foretitute to beat teams where supposed to beat?

And finally.,Will we have a reasonable run with injurys?

The first two questions start with the coaches/leaders and filter through. The last question is just down to luck.

A lot needs go right but we are as good a chance as any if we have the mental fortitude to do so.


That’s the shot.


Ok I would like our team to
Play together as a team and play well
Play consistently and manage injuries
Win games to make finals

That’s it @aboods


Essendon right now feels like dating a really hot woman long distance.

She has just been sexting during trade week in some great new lingerie.

And we don’t get to see each other until March next year.


Who do you get your training reports from?



Hopefully a favourable draw,and a good run with injuries,gives us a chance too snag 4th.


Aim for top 6 and we won’t be disappointed. Anything else if the cherry on the top.