Season 2019: The Empire Strikes Back?


Our fixture couldntnbe worse than last year but it won’t be that much better either, we still finished in the same 3rd as last year. However with all of Richmond, Collingwood and Hawthorn finishing top 6 we’re only likely to play 1 of those sides twice, as opposed to this year when we played them all twice.


Those three are hardly the only teams we need to be concerned about though


I’d be happy to play Hawthorn twice next year


Obviously. However it was two of those teams that resulted in our draw being so difficult, with Hawthorn and Collingwood both elevating themselves to become top 4 sides. We played three of the top 4 twice this year.


Yep. That’d be the match up I’d be hoping for.


Fark Carlton


Probably twice…


Doggies? Saints? You’d think we’d get them twice.

Wouldn’t mind playing GC twice either.


MCG. Grey skies. Rain.

It’ll end in tears


Dogs/Saints is pretty unlikely. Return matches against the Melbourne clubs are almost always against our traditional rivals, providing they fit within the 6:6:6 brackets.


Nah, we’ll smoke them next year.


Have you ever seen our coach play?

Here’s a reminder. Look at some of the names too!


It’s time.
Actually our last 12 matches since that elimination final loss to them hasn’t been that bad with 7 wins, 4 losses, 1 draw.


So you didn’t see 2018 as underperformce in the wake of the grand final loss and the clear minds thing?


Lots of close results which indicated how inconsistent we’ve been and stunk it up against them often. But it is time. We are going to put them to the sword next year. Twice. Fark Carlton.


Can’t wait to hear all or the Carlton supporters BOO (cry) when Shiel runs out. It’ll be amazing.


My guess is we’ll get blues, lions, port, crows, pies twice


I think he is saying his meds have run out.


Hhahahahahaha fair