Season 2019 - Western Bulldogs


Jordan Roughead went to Collingwood as an FA.


Agree. We owe these carnts a flogging.


We need to have a bit of arrogance about us when we play the bullies. Come out and actually believe that we are better than they are instead of playing the dumb footy we usually do against them.


cant afford to let that softc*ck Johannisen off the chain again


Apparently Lin Jong did a hammy at training yesterday and is expected to be out for 10 weeks.


Gosh, that’ll be a…blow?


This. The game in 2017 ■■■■■■ me off the most. They were in terrible form, and the previous 2 games JJ had done nothing with a hard tag assigned to him. He didn’t want to go near it. So what did we do? Let him off the chain and he kicked 4 on us and was BOG. He’s a squib who only plays on his terms. I’d have Walla on him all game, annoy the ■■■■ out of him and if you get the chance put him in the underground carpark when you tackle him.

As for the Dogs this year, their list is putrid and as others have said it’s almost unfathomable that they won a flag so recently. Bont aside they just don’t have any match winners. Hunter and Macrae are good accumulators of the ball but they don’t hurt you with it. The Bont is someone they need to rob Peter to pay Paul up forward. They need him to win the inside ball but their forward line is absolute gash if he’s not there they don’t have anyone to kick it to. Definitely bottom six for me.


That’s just farked.
The poor guy just can’t get a break. Well…so to speak.
He is one of the unluckiest players going around.


I reckon you’re a bit biased on this.
Their list has a number of exciting young players coming up - as many as we have. And they have quality experience also.


Agree the Bont, Macrea, Hunter, Dunkley, Daniel, McClean, Wallis and Libba is a good crop of young mid talent.

They pinched one early similar to Hawthorn in 08. It took Hawthorn a few years post win to get into gear(sic) again. Bulldogs just seem to be treading water, but that midfield group is capable of much more.


Richards will be a gun.

Edit - I watch quite a bit of the Dog games, so maybe I know a little more about them than the usual Bomber supporter - or not.


English, Scache and Boyd don’t get much love, but all still young and developing.


3 talented young players. I rate English highly. I think Schache will come on in a couple of years. And if Boyd gets through his childhood angst stuff, he has star potential.


Luke Beveridge has got demigod status at Whitten Oval for breaking a 62-year premiership drought, and I get that, but the gloss is wearing off. That club has been pants since that flag. They didn’t handle 2017 well, reminiscent of our 1994 after ‘93 and Hawthorn’s 2009 after winning in ‘08. All young premiership sides that won before they should’ve and didn’t handle the success well. We were still there and thereabouts in 95-96 without really being a genuine threat and we didn’t win another until 2000. The Hawks didn’t do much over 09-10 but hit another successful period starting in 2013. I don’t see this with the Dogs. The list is in horrible shape. Good young players have been mentioned but their young talent is no greater than anyone else. Outside of that are a lot of list cloggers, cast offs from other clubs and some OK but not great talent. I’m not bullish (no pun intended) on their future.


Didn’t Hawks do well 2010-2012 as well (at least 1 prelim and 1 granny in that time)?
Dogs have been puss since the flag.


l rate English highly. Will be a gun.


L Beveridge should have given his premiership medal to maggots Stevic, Meridith and Jeffery. Three more deserving winners you will never encounter.


One is Shaun Mcnernan, bouncing up and down from the rookie list
One is Tom Boyd, pick 1, on a million dollars a season

Compare the pair


Boo hoo.
And it’s hardly isolated- the Swine have lost the free kick count for the last 4 seasons - obviously they need to learn the rules properly in Sydney.


Even gnarled veteran Bulldogs supporters were blushing at the generosity shown towards thier side that day.

Look out who ever is playing St Kilda should they ever make another grand final.