Season 2019 - Western Bulldogs


maybe they were indulging the franklin lunatic in front of them frothing with madness?


We were outnumber 10-1. They didn’t have to indulge anyone.


That’s pretty bad.
Boyd has been abysmal, and that’s the level McKernan has reached after 9 - 10 years!


My father has been a Doggies supporter for 80 odd years; they don’t get much more gnarled, and I promise you he wasn’t blushing.
Lost his voice for the next three days, but that’s another story.
Although it must have been tough for you & the Awful’s love child, to realise you’ve been spurned for the new teams in town. Blame the Dunkley legal games for what’s ensued since.


He’s basically the last tall spot on our list, who often - but not consistently - outperforms that ranking.

If SmackNernan was a pick 1, on $1M a year, we would have an issue.


If Shiel ends up a VFL player (unlikely I know), but we win the flag this year, would you take it?


You could put almost anything in the first part of that sentence, and I’d still answer yes.

The bolded bit is what matters.


Whatever it takes, so to speak?




Sounds great in theory but returning to the bottom of the ladder in the preceding years doesn’t sound all that appealing.

Boyd’s contract and lack of AFL quality football would be killing Dogs supporters now that the novelty of a premiership has worn off.


I’d take it.


The one’s I’ve spoken with have (predictably) said that they really do not care anymore - they have their premiership, the cost is now just a side-effect.


I would probably as well but I would certainly not be happy with whats transpired since.

Boyd has not delivered as expected even factoring in his hand full of good games in a final series.


Yes, but they are Doggie supporters after all.


If Boyd never played another AFL game, he delivered when it mattered most, and that will mean he’ll forever be remembered fondly by the Dogs faithful. Hope the kid can come back and fulfil his potential though…


Anyone heard whispers that Liam Picken may be announcing his retirement today? Really sad if that’s true.


I’ve loved watching him play. Much like I love watching Baguley.


Yeah. It’s a sad thing but his long-term health is of paramount importance. He has nothing left to prove. One of the toughest and most respected players in the AFL. Probably too brave for his own good.


He was a massive contributor in their flag year.


Pickens a heart and soul player. its a shame that hes struggled so badly with injury recently. one of those rare players that all opposition supporters love and respect. was massive for them in their 2016 final series