Season 2019 - Western Bulldogs


Roughead actually retired with injury- degenerative knee I think
Another underrated player important to their game style


You’re thinking of Redpath. Roughead was traded to Collingwood


Shhh, don’t tell Collingwood


More than arguable in my book.

Johannisen wasn’t in my top three or four.


My mistake
I’d forgotten the Doggies had 2 R’s


Somebody, either from the AFL or the Dogs needs to step in and and protect Picken from himself.


EFA. I agree that the AFL and Bulldogs have a role to play, but it is only to heed advice based on expert opinion and ensure Liam is aware of the risks. Forcing him to quit would set dangerous precedence, I would think.


Problem is, you can’t afford to carry 4+ blokes of that ilk. Having half a dozen honest toilers are OK when they fulfil their role but you’d want to hope your gameplan is exceptional and have utter class surrounding them to get the most out of them otherwise you’re carrying a team full of role plodders.


Dangerous how?
The guy hasn’t been able to train, much less play, for over a year.
What’s different to cutting a guy because his hammies (or knee or shoulder or whatever other injury) keep going, or won’t come good enough to allow him to train properly?

They should (and as far as I’m aware, are obliged to) cover his medical bills for this injury, whether he’s on their playing list or not. Not sure the club has any further obligation here TBH.

EDIT: if you’re saying they can’t force him to retire, yes I guess I see your point. All they can do is cut him off their list. Nobody’s picking up an injured 32yo who hasn’t done contact work in a year.


The AFL will be watching this closely. They’ll be the ones with potential concussion-derived lawsuits on their hands down the track.

Circumstances - as opposed to the Bulldogs, although it’s purely semantics - can certainly force the decision on him. There’s no way he gets medical clearance to play with neurological symptoms still occuring almost 12 months after the event.


Tbh Picken is probably safer being on an AFL list where the club just won’t play him as opposed to being delisted then electing to play at a local level.


Of course there’s a ceiling to how many limited players you can play together and still have a top quality team. No one was arguing otherwise.

These guys never even played a game together anyway


Boyd has been over-paid since Year 3 - One million dollars for little return - He has a chance as an under-sized ruck but struggles as a key forward - Continues in this vein and he may be out of the AFL when his contract finishes - He’s another tall key forward who has struggled to live up to expectations in recent years.


He’s over 2m and over 100kgs.


200cm is about the minimum for a ruckman these days?


He won the Dogs a flag. I don’t think any supporters would care if he didn’t get another kick in his career. He’s done what most couldn’t.


Ted Hopkins helped win Carlton a flag and was out of the game of the year - Ellen kicked 5 goals in the 1997 GF which was far above his average performance throughout his career - So players have dominant games in GF’s which are not a true reflection of their performance - From memory Boyd got 2 of his 3 goals in the GF when he was rucking - It was hardly a dominant forward performance.


They would’ve won with any other semi-AFL standard ruckman.


Nah. Well, not quite.

He was genuinely good when he pushed forward.
Never did it before or since.


Well, that leaves Schache to discuss.