Season 2020 - West Coast

West Coast

Coach - Adam Simpson

2019 –

Points For – 5th
Points Against – 6th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Luke Shuey
  2. Elliot Yeo
  3. Brad Sheppard
  4. Andrew Gaff
  5. Jack Darling

2019 Rising Star Noms

Jack Petruccelle (Round 5)
Oscar Allen (Round 21)

Ins – Tim Kelly, Callum Jamieson, Ben Johnson, Anthony Treacy, Mitch O’Neill

Outs – Matthew Allen, Patrick Bines, Keegan Brooksby, Chris Masten, Fraser McInnes, Kurt Mutimer

My Prediction

West Coast seemed to never really get going last year despite finishing just outside the top four. It felt like their run was coming towards the finals but even then they couldn’t quite get off the ground. They haven’t lost much talent off their list and have added a top midfielder into their mix, they looked primed this year.

The backline is as good as any in the competition, Barrass teamed with McGovern and Hurn gives great intercept marking and ball use. Jetta gives great run and delivery out of the backline. His big kicking gives them an great way to combat the zone and puts doubt into the opposition. Sheppard keeps improving and is a good stopper who can play both ways.

The midfield was already strong and they just added Tim Kelly into the mix. Adding Kelly to Yeo, Gaff and Shuey gives them a great top end. They have a very spread of players who can win the contested ball as well as being able to spread from the contest. They also have a highly skilled midfield who deliver well in general to their forwards. Kelly brings another element by way of his goal kicking which makes them even more dangerous.

The forward line is exciting, the pressure on Kennedy is relieved when Darling is able to stand up which he still needs to show he can do in big games. Liam Ryan brings another level of excitement to the forward line and was working well in tandem with Rioli before his ban. Petrucelle is lightning quick and although looks to do so silly things at times, he creates doubt and is dangerous anywhere in the forward 50.

The rucks would be great if NicNat stayed fit but I don’t know if that is going to happen. His knees are right to struggle with the things he does at the weight he is. They somehow made Hickey look like a reasonable footballer at times last year and they have managed Vardy well but realistically, they best team had NicNat in the middle. Simpson has shown he can coach and manage this team to be a contender.

They underperformed last year but have set themselves and are ready to go again. Adding Kelly to their team is a massive achievement for a team already in their window. They are a top four team and if they can keep key players fit could challenge for the minor premiership. I worry about NicNat though and his body staying right. I think they are likely to finish in the 3-4 range.


In the mix.

West Coast Eagles best 22

Were the Eagles, west coke eagles and were here to show you why,
were the big birds, play the big game west coke eagles were flying high.


B: Liam Duggan, Tom Barrass, Brad Sheppard

HB: Shannon Hurn©, Jeremy McGovern, Will Schofield

C: Lewis Jetta, Elliot Yeo, Andrew Gaff

HF: Jamie Cripps, Jack Darling, Liam Ryan

F: Oscar Allen, Josh Kennedy, Jack Petruccelle

FOLL: Nic Naitanui, Luke Shuey, Tim Kelly

I/C: Dom Sheed, Jack Redden, Tom Hickey, Mark Hutchings
Emg: Jarrod Cameron, Josh Rotham, Jake Waterman

In: Tim Kelly
Out: Willie Rioli

Should be Top 4, quality list, and have a premiership winning coach from the Clarkson stable. Added one of the best players in the game in Kelly and will be looking at turning their home games into a fortress again. Losing willie hurts a little, but offers more opportunity for their small forwards like Petrucelle and Cameron.

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Fold and die


C**T of a club. Worst supporters inn the league bar none


Another Thursday night humiliation coming up

I saw the West Coast review had been posted and that @westozziebomber was replying.

Your anti-eagles rants are the highlight of the wce review and this one doesn’t disappoint.


If they don’t win it they’ll go really really close

Top 4 certainties unless they lose McGovern

Which isn’t an impossible scenario- he’s been carrying a few injuries over the last season and a bit. Some of which, shoulders etc, can be cumulative.
An injury run like ours last year - McGovern (Hooker) Hurn (Heppell) Ryan (Fanta) Kennedy (Joey) and Naitanui (Belly) would really bring them back to mid table, no matter how stacked their midfield.

Unfortunately they still have their elite AA level WA umpires who will guaruntee them 11-12 wins a year. They will pick up a few others on the road. The eagles will be flying very high this season. I don’t know how WOB does it.


Kennedy would make a pretty big impact to their team if out.

Hypothetically if we had of got say 20 games out of Daniher in 2018 & 2019 would we have finished higher up and perhaps maybe even won a final.

We may have finished higher last year.
Although rather than a single player missing- Daniher or Kennedy- it’s the combinations that would really hurt.
Outside their established players their list is even thinner than ours for talls - a look at ages & games played shows they’re trying to address that, but a few 19 & 20 year olds in development aren’t good cover.
They’ve scrambled by using one of their rucks to fill a hole at times but it could be a “don’t count chickens scenario “ for the Weagles.

Barass was almost a liability in their last finals campaign. Under pressure he was hesitant in the air, and cost them goals. l reckon he will be attacked more this season. If McGovern is injured he will not be the one to stand up under the added pressure. Kelly is a huge pick up. He adds class and pace, the best pick up/trade of the off season. Rioli’s loss is a significant one, as he teamed so well with Ryan and his vision and kicking to advantage was exemplary. Nic Nat is still going to be a top 3 ruck, providing he can stay injury free. Their home ground is a fortress, with plenty of supporters, rabid or otherwise. Their coach is an astute tactician as well. Top 5.


That’s not a rant…WOB is just stating factual information.

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Yep. Unless you’ve been to a West Coast home game it’s impossible to understand


“You can’t polish a turd”

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Not true at all…


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@scotty21 come grieve with me

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If they wanted a w@nky preamble to their current song couldn’t they have gone with the ■■■■■■■ amazing original?!