Season 2021 - Kollingwood Kaotic Kerfuffle


Coach – Nathan Buckley

2020 –

Points For – 13th
Points Against – 3rd

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Taylor Adams
  2. Scott Pendelbury
  3. Jack Crisp
  4. Darcy Moore
  5. Brayden Maynard

2020 Rising Star Noms


Ins – Oliver Henry, Finlay Macrae, Reef McInnes, Caleb Poulter, Liam McMahon, Beau McCreery, Jack Ginnivan, Isaac Chugg

Outs – Flynn Appleby, Dayne Beams, Atu Bosenavulagi, Tim Broomhead, Lynden Dunn, Tom Langdon, Tom Phillips, Ben Reid, Matthew Scharenberg, Jaidyn Stephenson, Adam Treloar, Travis Varcoe, Rupert Wills

My Prediction

I don’t care about schadenfreude, I just want to enjoy the total misery that the Pies have been going through and hope it continues indefinitely. Also I don’t want to hear about how well they drafted because the exodus of talent is massive and I refuse to believe that their shenanigans on draft night were anything more than wallpapering over the cracks to keep their feral fan base distracted.

Their backline performed above all other areas of the field for them last year. They were let down by other areas but got the job done. Roughead and Moore are a handy top two and the development of Maynard has surprised me. They should get a bit more of Howe this year and with Crisp and Quaynor off half back giving them some run.

The midfield two years ago was being claimed by Robbo to be possibly the greatest ever to take the field. Hasn’t quite played out that way. Beams never got on the field and now Treloar is gone. Pendlebury and Sidebottom are their two most important mids and age will start to impact them. Taylor Adams is important but they don’t want him delivering the ball. They will be looking for Daicos and Brown to spend more time in the middle and hoping De Goey finds a tank (and avoids prison time). It looks like a lightweight midfield now and has to be a concern.

The dire state of the forward line should distract attention from the midfield however. They are still relying on Cox as their main marking target and he has been found out. Mihocek gives good effort every week and is probably their best forward along with De Goey when he is on. They need a lot from Elliott and Hoskins-Elliott. It is a forward line that relies on everyone playing above their natural ability.

The ruck is sorted. Brodie had a down year last year but will bounce back. They need him to support through the middle. I would expect him to grow from last year and have another great season. The pressure on Buckley is building and will be interesting to see how the year plays out. I think with Eddie finishing up, he loses a layer of protection and missing the finals could see him vulnerable.

The thing is that even with the exodus last year, they still have a solid backline and a very good midfield. The forward line is dire but it has been even in the year they made the grand final. The talent doesn’t run as deep as it has previously and they are going to be susceptible to injury and form of their top tier of talent. They need a lot to go right for them to be able to challenge. I think they have a good enough list to make finals but could just as easily slide as well. I think somewhere from 7-10 is about right for them.




Was appalling how they treated Stephenson and Treloar.

And what happened to that internal review they were doing?

I hope they rot


Get ■■■■■■ filth.


This analysis shows why objectivity is so overrated.
Brilliant stuff @Allblack. Biased but still brilliant.

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text that to hubby I dare you.

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Any chance we can beat them on Anzac Day this year? Feels like it’s been eons


pies best 22

B: Crisp, Roughead, Maynard
HB:Quaynor, Moore, Howe
C: Mayne Pendlebury, J Daicos
HF: T Brown, Mihocek,Hoskin-Elliott
F: De Goey, Cox, Elliott
R: Grundy, Adams, Sidebottom
Int: C Brown, Sier, Noble, Henry

**Emerg:**Mcrae, McInnes, Ruscoe, Randall

If degoey is allowed to play they could make finals again, but would only be making up the numbers. finish 7-14

do pies have any good young talls coming through?

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Does last season count?

I’m still angry about 2019


Lots are I think.

Some supporters in the members area where I sit were ready to jump the fence after that last free was given.


What’s De Goey done?

Beating them last year was our best win for the entire season, even though it wasn’t on ANZAC day.

The Pies season fell apart last year the moment Howe went down with that serious knee injury. Their treatment of Treloar in the off season was utterly disgraceful, and will impact others. Their forward line will remain a patched up work in progress. The fire sale due to the salary cap disaster will be glossed over by the faithful. Instead, they will now be firmly focused on their bright, shiny draft toys, where they did much better than they or anyone else would have reasonably expected. Brodie remains their driving force, Pendles their touch of class, DeGoey with plenty of X factor, but they are short on class and match winners, Cox is still unconvincing and Mihocek is an honest battler at best. Maynard is tough and uncompromising and will welcome Howe’s return. Buckley has no easy task this season, and the Pies will struggle to make the bottom rungs of the 8. It would not surprise me at all if they miss the finals.

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Will Miss out on finals by percentage.


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It really made one question the integrity of sport.


fk this garbage racist club



Under investigation for sexual assault iirc


Indecent assaul last i heard.

Edit- @Eastie_Boi1 beat me too it.

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Their best 22 is unfortunately still very good. some LTIs will sort them out.