Season 2021 - Richmond

Richmond aren’t a greatly skilled team. They are able to get away with this due to the amount off pressure they apply, getting numbers around the and basically make the game a mess. It truly is crap footy to watch and with all teams trying to replicate this brand of footy we now have the awful spectacle that we have to put up with now. I can honestly say I won’t look back on the Richmond era with any fondness whatsoever. Martin is the only bloke worth watching in the team, Riedwolt was but age has caught up with him. Do Richmond supporters care though? Not one little bit.

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They will finish top 4 again IMO and from there anything is possible. Wouldn’t be shocked at all to see them in the GF again


Based on?

They’ll probably win it again.

History says it’s unlikely. There have only been 2 teams in the modern era to have won 3 successive flags (Lions 2001-03, Hawks 2013-15). Prior to that you have to go back to Melbourne 1955-57. They are as well placed as any side to have gone back-to-back and go for the threepeat. But it’s the intangibles that will go a long way towards whether they will or not. Will they still have the hunger? 3 flags in 4 years, there might be a case of their appetite bring sated and other younger, hungrier teams will go ahead of them. This will be their 5th season in the premiership window. They have done remarkably well. A 4th flag in 5 years would certainly put them, if they’re not already, in the conversation as the best dynasty in the AFL era alongside those Lions and Hawks 3-peat teams, and the Geelong 2007-11 team that won 3 in 5 years.

So because they play a brand of footy that you don’t appreciate watching means they don’t go down as one of the great sides of the modern era? I don’t see a team that plays ugly footy, I see a team that plays to their strengths and executes their plan to perfection. They all work for each other and absolute harass and chase like they’re possessed. They win another one or two and they will go down as potentially the greatest side of all time regardless of their style/game plan.

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Dusty rumours of him going to Sydney starting. Got to the Sydney thread for details

List and exposed form is flag favourites and almost guaranteed top 4.
Don’t think the wheels will completely fall off but the off field stuff keeps mounting and imo there’s only so long that can go on before it affects on field performance.

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I honestly think Riewoldt will fall off a cliff this year. Was looking like father-time had started catching him last season.

I don’t think those who say its the gameplan + Martin over talent are saying Richmond don’t have talent. They do. What we argue is that their talent (even with Martin) isn’t commensurate with other teams in the league or the great Lions/Geelong/Hawthorn sides. The top 6-7 in those sides were all miles ahead of Richmond’s top players outside of Martin and Riewoldt.

They’ll go down as one of the most successful teams in the modern era. But not one of the greatest sides.

That is an awfully generous way of saying “Dusty’s manager is trying to get a contract extension”.

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[email protected] club


Is that really how Irving spells his name?

The bigger question is how on earth Mozzie is listed at 176cm when Rioli is listed at 179cm.

?? Am I missing something. That is Maurice Rioli in that photo


Hoping Maurice has a good debut season. Daniel looks to have come back in good shape as well.
slightly disappointed we didn’t get a bid in earlier.
But Tigers bid first on Eyre

Ah that makes far more sense.
And in that case why are both Rioli’s listed at the same height :joy:

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Hardwick has signed an extension until the end of 2024.

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So those rumours obviously bull crap?

Always wondered if we did sign Hardwick would he be a 3 time premiership coach at Essendon?

That bloody laptop i was so bumbed the day we announced Knights as coach. all the noise and media speculation the night before was Hardwick will be announced as Essendon coach tomorrow

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Not unless we also drafted Dustin Martin.