Season 2022 - Essendon


Coach – Ben Rutten

2022 –

Points For – 4th
Points Against – 9th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Zach Merrett
  2. Darcy Parish
  3. Will Snelling
  4. Jordan Ridley
  5. Jake Stringer

2021 Rising Star Noms

Nik Cox (Round 12)
Harrison Jones (Round 14)
Archie Perkins (Round 17)

Ins – Tax Wanganeen, Jake Kelly, Nick Martin, Ben Hobbs, Alastair Lloyd, Garrett McDonagh, Patrick Voss

Outs – Paddy Ambrose, Ned Cahill, Dylan Clarke, Marty Gleeson, Cale Hooker, Lachie Johnson, Irving Mosquito, David Zaharakis

My Prediction

I dont always do an Essendon prediction because for a reasonable portion of the past decade or two, the Bombers have made me sad and looking at the year ahead has rarely filled me with optimism. This year though is different. I am letting them suck me back in, despite the realisation that this has not worked well for me in the past.

Watching from the outside, it felt like the backline was a work in progress, one that improved as the season went on. I am not sold on the Stewart move, I dont think he has the mobility to be a great full back. I think he will be a horses for courses sort of selection. Laverde though if he can stay fit is a great move. Hind off half back and the potential move of McGrath joining Heppell back there give quality run and ball movement. On top of all that you have Ridley who is fast becoming the best intercepting backman in the competition.

The first time in a long time I am confident in the Bomber’s midfield. It feels like it is developing into a top five midfield. With a bit of luck for Caldwell, they will have him, Parish and Hobbs winning the ball in the contest. They have McGrath, Sheil, Cox and Merrett spreading and running from the contest. They have Stringer who in the second half of last year was almost unstoppable in his stints through the middle. When you add in Snelling, , Langford, Perkins and even Walla able to play through the centre, it is a pretty complete midfield.

The forward line is seen as the challenge this year. Hooker was important early last year and his lost will be felt. Harrison Jones, Wright, Francis and Stringer will be the marking targets early with Baldwin not far behind. We would love a fit and focused Walla but have Smith, Tex and Snelling who will be there and ready to go. It feels like a good forward line but not this year. They will have games where they just dont get it done. We need to see greater defensive intensity from the forward line and no more coast to coast goals.

The rucks are exciting with Draper and Bryan both possible first rucks. Draper’s athleticism and insanity will be enough to give him first look. His footskills are frighteningly poor but his running and tapwork are top notch. The coach has brought himself time. He has built the team from the culture up and the players have brought into it.

The Bombers over performed on expectations last year. Realistically I liked the path they took with their rebuild but probably didnt expect results to start flowing for a couple more years. It would be amazing to win a final this year but I am not sure yet. I think they are a top eight team and somewhere in the bottom half of the top eight. I think 5-7 is around the mark if they get a reasonable run with injuries and a little luck.



End Thread.


Bottom 4

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6-10. Last season on training wheels.


Flag certainties!!

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We went from spoon to flag in 4 posts. Not bad.


Spoon again.

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Realistically could see us missing the eight and supporter and blitz meltdowns will be just about all time. That said I’m expecting a trajectory that sees us make the eight 2023 and actually making that count for something 2024.


Flag again!!

I’d be happy with a spoon every second year if there is a flag in every second as well


In all seriousness, we’ll play a prelim this year at least

We make it to the Grand Final.

Covid hits again, and the season is called off before we can play.

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Tax Wanganeen?

When can I buy a round 1 ticket to the G?

I’m happy to be wrong, but my expectations are that we miss and I’m fine with that because I think it tracks with actually getting to the promised land.

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I seriously think Round 1 will be huge in the context of the season.

Win that and the belief will be there that we can take on, and beat, the better sides (unlike last year).

And fark honourable losses…a loss is a loss with no 4 points.


I totally agree. I reckon we’re a good chance to clean them up comfortably

Competing for top 4 spot but 6th i think

It’s massive because our next two games look anything but easy.

Diabolical even.

Brisbane in scary form and then the reigning premiers?

We are possible 0-3 but “travelling ok”

But 3-0 and the hype on us will be off the chart.

Win any of those three and we’ll be overhyped.

No we won’t.

But 3-0. Yep