Season 2022 - Hawthorn


Coach – Sam Mitchell

2021 –

Points For – 13th
Points Against – 15th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Tom Mitchell
  2. Blake Hardwick
  3. Jaeger O’Meara
  4. Dylan Moore
  5. Chad Wingard

2021 Rising Star Noms

Jacob Koschitzke (Round 6)

Ins – Max Lynch, Josh Ward, Sam Butler, Jai Serong, Connor MacDonald, Ned Long, Fionn O’Hara

Outs – Keegan Brooksby, Shaun Burgoyne, Jonathon Ceglar, James Cousins, Damon Greaves, Ollie Hanrahan, Michael Hartley, Tim O’Brien, Jonathon Patton, Harrison Pepper, Tom Scully

My Prediction

Been a rough twelve months for the Hawks which brings me nothing put pleasure. They had given their greatest ever coach the Khyber and brought in Sam Mitchell to oversee what I desperately hope is a miserable period. Other clubs have finally caught on and stopped giving the Hawks free hits during trade period and suddenly their list management looks dodgier than a DM from Patton.

The backline is soft, Hartigan and Sicily hold down the key position, Jiath looked strong at the start of last season but his impact was reduced significantly as teams saw more of him. Scrimshaw has been a reasonable pick up but is just an average half back. As much as I dont want to like him, Hardwick is a solid player. Frost rounds out their backline and is here for the amusement of every fan not draping themselves in brown and yellow.

The midfield is middling. Tom Mitchell is their best player but also has been found out, its telling there were no takers when him and Jaeger were shopped around at seasons end. They have Day and Phillips who are plodders. Worpel is a good player and damaging when on, I also liked the look of Newcombe from the midseason draft last year.

The forward line is headed by Kosi and Lewis which are two pretty solid young KPPs. They are ably supported by Wingard who is as inconsistent as ever, Gunston who is broken and Breust who is an absolute game winner when on.

The rucks are McEvoy and Reeves who they also picked up in the midseason last year. McEvoy showed sign last year that he doesnt havent too long left so the pressure on Reeves is coming. Mitchell has a reputation that he can coach, no one knows, he certainly hasnt covered himself in glory early on with his list management skills. His biggest challenge will be coaching around his own ego.

People will be seduced by Mitchell and Hawthorn at times during the year but he is a first time coach, heading up a pretty mediocre list. They have turned over an enormous amount of players over the last two years and have not brought in the same quality. I think they slide again this year. Bottom four for sure, 15-16 looks around the mark for me.


Spoon them baby!


Will still beat us…

Will Day isn’t a plodder. He’s the best prospect on a very ordinary list.


With Clarkson no longer there we shouldn’t lose to these kents but what do I know

This. He can seriously play.
Have you watched much of him @Allblack?

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100 time this. Absolute jet. The only bloke on their list I’d have at Essendon.

Worse than North.

Wooden spoon.

I’d take sicily

Best 22

B: Blake Hardwick, Denver Grainger-Barras, Jarman Impey

HB: Jack Scrimshaw, James Sicily, Changkouth Jiath

C: Will Day, Tom Mitchell, Tom Phillips

HF: Chad Wingard, Mitch Lewis, Tyler Brockman

F: Jack Gunston, Jacob Koschitzke, Luke Breust

FOLL: Ben McEvoy, James Worpel, Jaeger O’Meara

I/C: Liam Shiels, Dylan Moore Josh Ward, Sam Butler

Emg: Ned Reeves, Lachlan Bramble, , Max Lynch, Sam Frost, Finn Maginess , Kyle Hartigan, Daniel Howe

whose Lachlan Bramble?

Think if Hawks get a few injuries depth will be tested, with best 22 on park could win some games early, but expect them to fall in a heap, Bottom 4, possibly the spoon.

Mitchell must blood the youth and get games into Grainger-Barrass, Ward, Butler and Maginess

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Mitchell is caught in a bind. Will he do a Woosha and play the older, established players or gamble on untried youth? Given that they don’t have a plethora of young talent, he will be sorely tempted to play the guys he knows, even though they are on the way out, or broken.

Could finish 19th.


It’s a miserable 22, lucky to even get to 22.
They are roooted.

after this season they will need to make a decision on McEvoy and Gunston, not sure how long breust has left.

luckily they are all young enough to go to Cats as free agents


+Jiath for me. Actually they have quite a few pretty good young kids, just nobody you’d pin a rebuild around

I reckon (for the first time in about 10 years) they actually recruited well.
Their spine is still absolute total balls, though. And they’re 3 years away from fixing it.

That’s some serious dead wood they’ve cut this year. Booo!

+DGB also

Jiath is overrated. I reckon hell drop off hugely once teams start paying him more attention.

Clearly not enough


I only want to see 3 things from Hawthorn this year

1.I want to see hawthorn finish last

2.Mitchell break down in tears, as he realises he doesn’t have what it takes to be the main man. Gets sacked and walks away from the game a shambles of a man

3.Hawthorn then proceed to fold and die