Season 2022 - Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide

Coach – Ken Hinkley

2021 –

Points For – 6th
Points Against – 3rd

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Ollie Wines
  2. Travis Boak
  3. Aliir Aliir
  4. Karl Amon
  5. Tom Jonas

2021 Rising Star Noms

Mitch Georgiades (Round 5)
Miles Bergman (Round 21)

Ins – Jeremy Finlayson, Josh Sinn, Hugh Jackson, Dante Visentini, Jase Burgoyne, Trent Dumont,

Outs – Trent Burgoyne, Joel Garner, Tyson Goldsack, Hamish Hartlett, Peter Ladhams, Jarrod Lienert, Tom Rockliff, Boyd Woodcock

My Prediction

Port looked almost good enough at times over the past two years and have brought in as much quality young talent as anyone over the last few drafts. That preliminary final though was as pathetic a performance as I can remember seeing from a team who was probably expected to win.

The backline worked well last year. Bringing in Aliir to a backline that was already getting the job done was ridiculous and he was great. They have solid performers back there with Burton, McKenzie and Byrne-Jones. Houston may move further up the field but provides run and chaotic ball movement from half back. It is a very good backline.

The midfield looks good when they are on a roll but also can look a bit working class at times. Wines had his best ever year and carried them when things were flat. Duursma is fun to watch and Boak is crazy for a guy who should be slowing significantly. Throw in Butters, Drew and you have a very good midfield.

The forward line is probably the weak spot. Bringing in Finlayson isnt going to solve their problems. Dixon was really good last year and they rely on him for things to function. Georgiades is still young but signs are there he will take over the forward line. Gray is aging but still capable and Orazio is pure tissue paper. Include Rozee and you have the talent to improve this year.

The rucks change up this year with Lycett staying but they moved Ladhams out. Hayes has been the ruck in waiting for a while and the numbers he puts up in SANFL are outstanding. The coach has the pressure coming, he has got them to a stage where they are competitive but they have come up short in finals. Their window is open.

There isn’t a lot to dislike about the Port list. They have built well and have good young players across the field and their older players are still performing. I cant see port dropping out of the top four and think probably top two again.


Bottom 4

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I dont rate these flogs and their window is shut IMO

Rosie’s finals form is showing Leon Davis like traits

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Flat track bullies. Beat up on teams below them but are regularly found wanting against the top teams. Expect more of the same from them this year.


Got some great young players coming through, 7th-10th.

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In all seriousness, with some luck with injuries I rate them as premiership contenders. Good midfield cohort, on paper a great forward line, and a solid defence. I think they have all the tools, but so much is reliant on their ageing starts and injury prone players.

They’re my Smokey.

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Port are very polarising.

As someone who sees them play live a lot, their good is very good, but they are also the biggest downhill skiers in the history of snow.

I think there is a better than even chance they tank this year. A few key injuries already means that their lack of depth will get exposed early in the season. Here’s hoping anyway. Looking forward to seeing the tarps again soon.

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Reckon they will fall out of the 8 this year

Minor Premiers for me but hopefully choke in finals again

My port supporting mate is convinced it’s Hinkley who is holding them back and they’ll never win a premiership under him. Personally, I reckon Port have too many above average players and not enough elite players. But if Rozee can go next level, Butters gets a full season, Gary and Boak don’t hit the wall, Dixon doesn’t go missing, they can make it to the grand final. Though what they have going for them is they have great young talent.

By the way, I’m a big fan of Amon, I wish we could get him, he’d be a great fit for us, imo.

Have you heard anything about how Hinkley is regarded internally? My mate tells me the players don’t like him.

I hear that he gets on well with players but that he just isn’t a great coach. Too stubborn and won’t adapt if they are getting beaten.

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I quite enjoyed their Prelim performance.

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I heard from one of the Port staff that he was a bees ■■■■ from legitimately going to GoldCoast before he resigned a few years ago. Was all but gone until he wasnt. Players reportedly love him, but the supporters I know think he holds them back.

Probably will finish top 2 but won’t be in the Grand Final.

Tom Browne saying that Fantasia is in Melbourne for surgery but the club won’t detail what the surgery is. However they expect him to be out for some time.

Hope he’s getting his loyalty card stamped. Surely he’s up for the freebie by now.


Unless it’s a new one that I’m not aware of he was going in to have his “good” knee cleaned out. Was only going to be a about a 4-5 week layoff but he has already missed close to a month of training so is coming from a fair way back

Enjoy a broken Orazio Port

Best 22

B: Ryan Burton, Aliir Aliir, Trent McKenzie

HB: Lachie Jones, Tom Jonas, Darcy Byrne-Jones

C: Xavier Duursma, Ollie Wines, Dan Houston

HF: Mitch Georgiades, Todd Marshall, Zak Butters

F: Robbie Gray, Charlie Dixon, Orazio Fantasia

FOLL: Scott Lycett, Travis Boak, Connor Rozee

I/C: Miles Bergman, Willem Drew, Karl Amon, Jeremy Finlayson

Emg: Sam Powell-Pepper, Josh Sinn, Riley Bonner, Steven Motlop

Port should be safely in the top 8 and likely top 4

this will add pressure to the coach if they have a poor start, and also could get ahead of themselves if they get off to a flyer.

If Rozee goes to another level and they have a good year with injuries they should be one of the challengers come finals.

Forward line has plenty of talented smalls/mediums.

Finlayson adds some depth forward/back but can’t see him winning too many games for them.