Season 2022 - Richmond

Was surpriesd they didn’t get Hobbs all the talk was Tigers would have been a pefrect replacement for Cotchin

I don’t think Dusty will be the same player again after his kidney injury that was pretty nasty

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I don’t get all the hype on Richmond in 2022, where all the predictions are that they surge back into the Top 8, some even have them in the Top 4. They will be lucky to make the 8!

Their midfield has never been overly stacked, just really well drilled and disciplined. A lot will depend on the fitness of cotchin, Martin and Edwards but if they are fit, together with Prestia Bolton and Graham and some other stocking fillers that’s still a pretty handy combination.

This is from the AFL site

B: Robbie Tarrant , Dylan Grimes, Noah Balta
HB: Nick Vlastuin, Nathan Broad, Jayden Short
C: Kamdyn McIntosh, Dion Prestia, Jack Graham
HF: Jason Castagna, Dustin Martin, Kane Lambert
F: Jack Riewoldt, Tom Lynch, Shai Bolton
Foll: Ivan Soldo, Trent Cotchin, Shane Edwards
I/C: Toby Nankervis, Liam Baker, Daniel Rioli, Sydney Stack

Emerg: Marlion Pickett, Jack Ross, Matthew Parker, Thomson Dow


That 22 sort of sums up the changes.
The backline is overly tall & lumbering. Tarrant is past it, and no replacement for the more mobile Astbury. Equally they’ve plonked Martin in at CHF to cover a gaping hole.
So it wouldn’t surprise to see Balta chucked forwards.
Edwards has been a stalwart but at 33 is almost irreplaceable, especially when you look at their threadbare emergencies.
There’s a strong stink of a declining Hawthorn here.

On the slide now….

What a shame.

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And the key to how successful their 2022 is.

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Had to check the fixture.
I notice we play them twice.
We should be good enough to split those results, thus removing the insidious 8 year drought against them.


I reckon they can go well again.

I think much more depends on Ross / RCD / Dow / Ralphsmith than Cotchin and co though. Richmonds “best 22” isn’t likely to be what the AFL have listed. They need, and I suspect will give chances to , that 3rd and 4th year group. And they were very pleased to get Somsie. If they come through, they’ll be a handful again. But Cotch looked battered and worn out, Caddy short on pace, Riewoldt old etc.

The entire playing group actually looked tired and burnt collectively. It’ll be interesting to see if that was a one year thing or not.


They’re still a unit. And with a few stars in there particularly up forward Tiges are always a chance.

This year though, we do different.
Richmond is the team we need to beat to announce for 2022 tbh. We get to Dreamland for starters and we bury them. 'Cause I’m pretty sick of getting close and them spiriting away in the last quarter over the years.

So here’s to our Bombers. This year I think the boys will be ready for this one. Super fit and focused come the time.

And won’t that win be nice.

Top 4

Bottom 4

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Grand Finalists for me

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Will even a bottom of the ladder finish shut up that puffed up bloke Trout. fcs.

I hope so.


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You already know the answer!

I would love to scissor kick that c*nt into next week, and I’m a pretty placid chap.


Ha Ha arrrr Yes

Surely we beat them this year FFS