Season 2023 - Brisbane


Coach – Chris Fagan

2022 –

Points For – 2nd
Points Against –10th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Lachie Neale
  2. Hugh McCluggage
  3. Brandon Starcevich
  4. Harris Andrews
  5. Charlie Cameron

2022 Rising Star Noms


Ins – Josh Dunkley, Jack Gunston, Will Ashcroft, Jaspa Fletcher, Conor McKenna

Outs – Mitch Robinson, Dan McStay, Ely Smith, Mitch Cox, Deividas Uosis, Thomas Berry, Connor McFadyen

My Prediction

Brisbane would have been disappointed with last season. For a team that has thrown everything at winning a premiership to have finished sixth would have been massively disappointing although they did manage to finally win a final and break some Richmond hearts so it wasn’t all bad.

The backline did not perform last year and it looks like they are already off to a poor start with not adding to a backline that lost Marcus Adams for the year. I am sure they are sniffing around at bolstering it now but before the draft they had jab-dodger Liam Jones right under their nose. Harris Andrews is the prototype for tall backmen and they have Starcevich who is a good small stopper. Then you add in Rich, Mckenna and Coleman for run and it looks just ok, it will be a concern and I wonder if Gunston may spend some time down back.

The midfield adds in Ashcroft and Dunkley to what was already a pretty strong area. They will be the toughest midfield in the competition and probably the best. Dunkley, Berry, Lyons, Neale and Zorko give you plenty of ball winning ability with McCluggage and Bailey or Ashcroft getting the job done around the field. They will be very hard to stop.

The forward line is very good. Daniher and Hipwood still haven’t shown they can work together and seem to lack chemistry with both looking to be the person who goes missing in finals. Their smalls are probably as good as anyone in the competition, Cameron and Rayner both bring something different but are both brilliant and both find the goals.

The ruck area is pretty weak. I don’t rate McInerny particularly highly but I guess you don’t need to be a great ruck when you have the midfield that they have. If he can come close to breaking even they will go ok. Fagan is an interesting coach, yet to achieve anything in the finals, the pressure may come this year if he fails again, it may also come if it is proven that he was a racist tool at Hawthorn. We will have to wait and see.

The Lions have placed their list for a real run at a premiership, they have recruited well and bat deep. The only real concern will be their backline which needs to stand up. They will be the ultimate test of defence winning premierships because theirs is barely worthy or the top 8. I think in the regular season it wont be a problem though and they will push into the top four. I don’t think they can win the flag though with the backline in its current state. 3-4 for mine.


My tip to win it this season. Absolutely primed for it.

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If they don’t finish top they will consider the season a failure and questions will be asked. They have recruited well with Dunkley and Ashcroft and added to an area of the ground that was already a strength, but have lost personnel in another area that is a weakness, defence. The loss of Marcus Adams due to concussion is sad, but it is better for his long term mental health. He was a big body, and will be hard to replace. Harris Andrews needs some decent support and can’t be expected to hold the defence together single-handed. I am surprised teams haven’t put more time into negating the drive generated by Daniel Rich, he has been their go-to outlet and set up for attacks for a few years now.

The forward line is still an unknown entity, with Hipwood and Daniher both far from convincing. Daniher is allergic to physical contact, and his kicking for goal is still suspect, fair to say he has not performed to the level Brisbane were led to believe he was capable of, he is now a chronic under-achiever. Their small forwards are classy and capable. The coach gets them into finals contention, but they have not produced the desired performances on the big stage.

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Grand Final or bust. Simple as that. Anything less, given how the team is constructed, would be a failure. Added Dunkley and Ashcroft to the midfield, Gunston if you can get 15 games out of him will kick 30+ goals in that forward line. McKenna is a bonus pick-up who could be handy. Their avenues to goal are as good as any team in the AFL and have 5 players who can legitimately kick 5+ goals in any given game (Daniher, Hipwood, Cameron, Bailey, Gunston and a 6th could be McCarthy). Biggest issue is down back with Adams seemingly out for all of 2023 with concussion symptoms. Harris Andrews needs to step up and have a career year and Darcy Gardiner will be important to hold down CHB. Definite contender to win it all.


Daniher is basically the Ben Simmons of football at this point, yeah?


At least until Ben Simmons becomes the Ben Simmons of AFL

Flag or bust. Absolutely zero excuses for this mob now.

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Fox Footy best 22

B: Darcy Gardiner, Harris Andrews, Brandon Starcevich
HB: Keidean Coleman, Marcus Adams, Daniel Rich
C: Noah Answerth, Josh Dunkley , Callum Ah Chee
HB: Cam Rayner, Eric Hipwood, Dayne Zorko
F: Charlie Cameron, Joe Daniher, Jack Gunston
Foll: Oscar McInerney, Lachie Neale, Hugh McCluggage
I/C: Darcy Wilmot, Jarrod Berry, Zac Bailey, Lincoln McCarthy

Emerg: Jack Payne, Jarryd Lyons, Jaxon Prior, Deven Robertson

I would have found a spot for Conor McKenna.

would love for Fagan to be stood down and their flag hopes in jeopardy.

Dissapointing they beat us in 01, bottomed out, got AFL help, and now competing well into finals again and look primed and we are still rebuilding.

Prediction top 4

Should make he grand final given top up of talent. at little cost

Ashcroft #1, Fletcher, Dunkley, Gunston , McKenna is a great draft/ trade haul.


for me, its obviously a question of the talls. because i think Coleman is a elite talent, Starcievich is a under rated player and daniel rich has been a very good player for a long time. Mckenna is the wild card

Marcus Adams is the biggest loss, imo. Because i dont particularly rate darcy gardiner. The key to their season is probably Harris Andrews finding excellent form.

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Grand final certainties

Hope they crash and burn and joe’s groins turn to ashes

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What about the excuse that Joe Daniher is leading their forward line?

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My mother always taught me that if you’ve got nothing good to say about somebody…then say nothing.

On the topic of the above person…I will say nothing.


I didn’t even realise he was captain!

A fair turnover of skippers this off-season…

Yet the most obvious one still remains


Still don’t rate Brisbane. Don’t think those they brought in will make a notable difference to their output. Daniher and Wish Rafa up forward and whoever the ■■■■ is in their defence still isn’t particularly strong.

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Now he can abuse opposition players families without the burden of being a captain of the club

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And cheat on his wife

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