Season 2023 - Collington


Coach – Craig McRae

2022 –

Points For – 9th
Points Against – 8th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

1 – Jack Crisp
2 – Scott Pendlebury
3 – Darcy Moore
4 – Jeremy Howe
5 – Steele Sidebottom

2022 Rising Star Noms

Nick Daicos (Round 3)
Jack Ginnivan (Round 6)

Ins – Tom Mitchell, Dan McStay, Bobby Hill, Billy Frampton, Ed Allan, Jakob Ryan, Joe Richards

Outs – Brodie Grundy, Ollie Henry, Jordan Roughead, Callum Brown, Tyler Brown, Isaac Chugg, Liam McMahon, Jack Madgen, Caleb Poulter

My Prediction

If Essendon’s performance last year was disappointing (and it was), it was made even more so by Collingwood being so competitive. They had almost everything go right for them last year though with a soft draw and winning so many of their close matches, yet they were also pretty close to a grand final berth and would certainly have given Geelong more competition than the Swans. There are still significant question marks over whether they can do it again.

The backline is bog average. Darcy Moore is a star, this year he is also the captain and still playing with a body made of tissue paper. Howe himself is injury prone, they rely on Maynard who just keeps getting better. Run from Nick Daicos and Quaynor as well as P{endebury who will spend more time on the half back flank.

The midfield is their strongest area. They are still largely no thrills. They will be looking for De Goey to spend more time in the middle and will be bolstered by thee slow feet and quick hands of Tom Mitchell. Taylor Adams is still close to their most important player. Sidebottom and Crisp have also been good although there are signs that Sidebottom is losing some of his running. All in all it is a very effective, disciplined midfield.

The forward line is shocking for a top four team. Adding McStay does little to change my opinion, he is a plodder. Mihocek is a gun for a third tall but they have plenty of third talls. Cox is probably their only true tall and he is still useless despite playing two or three very good games annually. Cameron is a promising forward but they have sold Grundy to Melbourne for a bag of beans and now need him in the ruck. Ginnivan was very effective before he got the Tippa treatment and became invisible to the umpires. Elliott is still an excellent forward but just as likely to get injured and go missing for months.

The ruck situation is dire. You are looking at Cameron and Cox. They have gone from having Grundy as a generational talent in the ruck to deciding he was surplus to needs. Feels like a mistake but I guess paying him such a large percentage of your salary cap was also a mistake that needed fixed. The coach couldn’t have done much more with what he had last year, he has very good assistants and all the players pulling in the same direction.

Not an easy team to predict this year, they need growth from their youth this year. The fact is their veterans dragged them across the line last year. I feel last year was as good as they could do with the list they have. With the harder draw this year and probably a shallower list than the year before I think they will drop slightly. 6-8 for mine.


I ■■■■■■■ hate them.

I will confess my secret hatred and anti Collingwood barracking if they win the spoon.

My birthday present this year would be not winning a final.


Collingwood have probably won about 10-15 finals since we last won one lol. Fun times at your place.

backline - bog average
forward line - shocking
rucks - dire

not bad for a top 4 team. cant wait for our review :sweat_smile:


Two flags since 1959. Great stat! :rofl:

Those Brown brothers ended up being garbage. Good.

Realistically, I can’t ever recall a 16 win H&A team have such a low percentage. If you take their win/loss record in close games and have a 50/50 split of those results, they either just scrape or just miss a finals berth. However, two close finals losses against the eventual Grand Finalists show they weren’t that far off from one of the most improbable single season turnarounds in modern history coming off the back of 17th in 2021.

Nonetheless, I see them regressing to the mean a little. Still not 100% convinced shipping Grundy out was a great idea despite them coping adequately with a Cameron/Cox ruck combo. Is McStay the answer for them in attack or did they overpay for him? Can Tom Mitchell come in and further improve their engine room? As always, will be a lot of hype on them. I’ll say somewhere in the bottom half of the 8.

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Yeah it’s a ripper. In my lifetime though I’ve seen both sides win one each but Collingwood have given their supporters consistent effort and taken them on a positive journey throughout a season far more than we have sadly. I understand that flags are the ultimate measure but the week to week ride and seeing your team win finals is also something and they’ve just been far more professional on field than us for decades unfortunately.
Throw in them winning 12 of the last 17 Anzac Day games and it’s been dire stuff.


If we were at least competitive during the last 15 years it wouldn’t be so horrible.

Fox Footy best 22


B: Isaac Quaynor, Darcy Moore (c) , Brayden Maynard

HB: Nick Daicos, Jeremy Howe, Scott Pendlebury

C: Josh Daicos, Jack Crisp, Steele Sidebottom

HF: Jamie Elliott, Dan McStay, Will Hoskin-Elliott

F: Jack Ginnivan, Brody Mihocek, Beau McCreery

FOLL: Darcy Cameron, Jordan De Goey, Tom Mitchell

I/C: Taylor Adams, Patrick Lipinski, Nathan Murphy, John Noble

Interesting Bobby Hill not in the 22, he should be close.
I expect Nick Daicos to move into the midfield this year. (maybe send Crisp back?)
Think Mitchell will be a good pickup for them.
McStay should be handy too.

looks like a solid 22. expect they fall back a bit but still make the 8.

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They are a hard team to rate. On paper they look ok, but not special. But they play as a unit, which is their biggest strength


Not sure why some are saying the back line is no good. Moore, Daicos, Pendlebury, Crisp, Howe, Quaynor, Maynard and Murphy is an elite back line IMO.

The midfield is pretty solid, but they lack fire power forward of the ball.


They don’t have quality stoppers. They have good marking and run.

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7th for me. Overperformed W/L wise but were admirable in all of their finals. 2nd year is always tough to follow up when a new coach overachieves in year 1.

Other teams will have put in more thought on how to combat them and the mental game will be tougher for the Pies with the fairytale run being a distant memory.

Still have a good squad despite the gaps up forward. Will be tough to beat.

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The decision to let Grundy go was huge, and will come back to haunt them. I have no doubt he was let go to help balance the books a little more. Losing Ollie Henry will also hurt. Instead they pick up Tom Mitchell but he won’t make that much of a difference, he is older, slower and growing less effective year by year, and is not the same player since his serious leg injury.

The defence is a good unit, but Moore and now Howe have become injury prone. Maynard is as tough as any player in the game and is as honest as the day is long, and Quaynor provides plenty of drive.

The forward line relies on Mihocek playing as KPF, but he isn’t tall enough. Elliott provides the class but is a bit brittle, although a nominal small, he plays taller without losing anything at ground level. Much of their fortunes will depend on the continued development of the Daicos boys, they will lead from the front, but it is a big ask of young players to carry so much of the load. The Pies play a tough and uncompromising brand which means they are always competitive, regardless of the opposition. Their never say die attitude keeps them in games for longer than plenty of other teams as we saw many times last season. They have had a net loss in terms of talent since last season, but they are well -coached. They will make the 8 again, but are not capable of repeating the heroics of last season.


Mitchell is a good get. As mentioned earlier, Adams is probably their most important mid, if not their most important player. Mitchell provides a like-for-like cover for Adams which will help their chances immensely once the latter is inevitably injured.

However, their midfield as a unit becomes vulnerably slow if both are played simultaneously.

A transition year for the Pies, but too talented and well-coached to drop off. Bottom half of the eight

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Should have lost to us twice.

They are SH-T.


If they make the eight this year, then so will the Bombers

Always rated Mihocek though. But with their fleet of forward smalls yes they do need a taller KPF.

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They won’t be carried by the easiest draw in the comp this season. 8th-12th.