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How many of the other 45% of AFL players (who are not “odd”) are naughty?

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Cocaine is an illegal drug and possessing any drug of dependence like cocaine or MDMA has a maximum penalty of 1 years imprisonment. Many people are imprisoned each year for drug possession, especially if they are indiginous.

SoHe admitted it and there is evidence, so put him in jail for a year.


Interestingly, it was said that the release of the Collingwood hair test results in 2016 was from within… like at general management level. Its all the public domain.

It was Ketamine rather than Coke apparently

Harsh ! Don’t you know there is one rule for AFL footballers ( especially young ones) and one for the rest of the population.

Remember the kid who was betting on the outcome of games and also was a prolific forward?
Ah, yes, he had been to all the tutorials and meetings discussing compliance etc.

As I understand it, the AFL player contract has a clause that a player found guilty of a criminal offence is delisted. So they avoid prosecuting young AFL players or its game over man, game over.

I’m not denying it goes on but I’m not happy with clubs penalising players who are sprung getting such lenient punishment .It should be such that it makes players think twice and be arbitrated by the AFL

I thought use was decriminalised in fact if not in law, the focus is on dealers and trafficking.
If’s so rampant, knowledge of use and possession is not pursued.
The problem is that young ones not on high incomes can resort to crime, including dealing or trafficking, or bankrupt their families to pay debts under threat, or spend a fortune on rehab …
One I know got hooked through a local football club. He spiralled into debt, with threats of violence to the family. It beats me how the dealers were not picked up.

Anyone who synchronises their morality with what’s legal probably drinks floor varnish.

It is still illegal to possess coke and even weed. Maybe they do not chase it, but he has admitted it and he should be charged.

Not a moral issue at all, but it is illegal, so fark him and put him in jail.

It’s illegal to do a lot of things. If the maximum penalty for offences was always enforced, you’d be in jail

Decriminalized only in I believe the ACT, but generally speaking the policy is to give people warnings and diversions before charging them - unless they have a traffickable quantity.

Because throwing people in jail for doing lines at a party would be an idiotic decision


I would never admit anything and never break any laws.

good grief

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Well then they should delete the law.

In any case, I know people arrested and jailed for possession. Most are indigenous, not all.



I’m not around that scene anymore but back when the Crows were winning flags the boys went pretty hard after hours and I could tell you some stories of what they got up to at times and the use use of recreational drug use was quite substantial although I never did see any indulgence the day or night before a game but once the game was over boy did they go hard. I don’t know if the prevalence of recreational drug use is but if our local footy lads and the SANFL lads are any indication I’d suggest it’s substantial. I guess for most though the key is not filming it or being caught


you’ve literally admitted to drinking and driving above the limit on this forum

and you endangered more people doing that than someone sitting in a cubicle snorting blow has ever done

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Possession can be trafficking if moving it from one source to another location ( and not for self use)
It’s not justice when only the drug mules get picked up, but not the suppliers - like that heavy jail sentence on one of the Krakouers, , IIRC the only one convicted for transporting a lot interstate.
The way it works is that a death sentence awaits the mule for naming the supplier. But these days mobile traffic can be traced.


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